So, it’s Saturday….

Almost another week has passed without my blogging…gosh, the one-year blogaversary comes by and the whole thing just goes to pot!   Our summer has been so crazy-busy!  I just thought I’d spend the 3 months lounging in my backyard, taking Kiki to the park, reading, just lolling around in general.  Hah.  I have spent the whole summer so far working on this stinkin’ house.  Oh, sure, I feel good about all I’ve accomplished, but where has the fun been??  Lazy days of summer, my eye!  Next week is geared up to be another ‘work week’ for me, preparing for our trip back east.  When we get back from the trip, it will only be three weeks until school begins for another year!  Yikes! 
Shoot… it’s bedtime… I’ll be back later…like, maybe tomorrow, to write some more……

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I love your hair, too!  What\’s the story?  The curls, color and length are beautiful.
    Sometimes I feel that way about my house, too!  haha
    Have a great week… 

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