Have I really been gone for a week??

Wow… you would have thought with Kiki away at Theatre camp I’d have had all sorts of time for blogging!  However, I’ve been otherwise occupied, I guess.  I’m trying to get the house pulled together (completely!) get stuff ready for our trip,  making last minute appointments and such, not to mention trying to make sure we are all ready for the upcoming school year… I know it’s the middle of summer break, yet by the time we get back home it really won’t be all that long until the new school year begins!  Yikes. I am also trying to get a few things posted to sell on ebay – I really need some $$!  
So, here is a "health update"…..
Alan went in today for an… echocardiagram, I think it was.  Basically an ultrasound of his heart.  Of course we won’t know what that shows until some expensive specialist reads the results.  This stuff is going to wipe us out, financially.  We don’t have great insurance coverage.  I will never again complain about how much it costs to eat healthy or go see the herbalist (who of course isn’t covered by insurance) because all in all I think it adds up to far less than even a little of these crazy Doctors and tests…. his heart monitor cost $400.+, and the visit to the Specialist to tell him the results was also over $400.00…. for a 10 minute visit!!  So I’ve spent a bit of time stressing over this…mostly his health, but then the expense, not to mention we are both a bit concerned someone will tell him he can’t travel… since we are leaving in less than 2 weeks…
As for me, guess what?  Seems I never did have "jock itch".  Oh, she was positive when I went in that first time, no doubt at all.  I could about strangle my doctor at this point.  3 weeks of the medication not helping, so I go back in and she takes a skin scraping for the lab, and I have "dermatitis"….dry itchy skin.  What the  ????  Whatever.  Money spent, situation unresolved.  Now I’m supposed to spend more money on yet another ointment which may or may not help??  I don’t like doctors.  Honestly. 
I am making an appointment for both Alan and I to go see the "witch doctor" lol.   aka the herbalist.  I think I trust him more than the medical docs.  And I will go see my chiropractor.  I hope he can fix me up a bit before our trip.  I trust him as well…. the "proof is in the pudding" so they say….and he has actually helped me.
Kiki had a great time doing the show!  I will post some pics and tell more about that whole deal, but for now I had better get some work done before Alan gets home!  I don’t wanna hear that whole drama!!   

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  1. Hi,
    Looking forward to the pics of Kiki.
    So glad you\’re getting on top of the Dermatitis.  So not fun. 

  2. wonder if we will ever get a health care plan in America like they have in Canada and other countries.
    I hope that all will go well with Alan\’s tests and that he will be on a good healthy eating and exercise plan. 
    It always seems that once the fourth of July is over the summer is on a downhill speeding away.  The county fair is coming next week. In August the air changes and we\’re all getting school preparations underway.  How can time just whirl by?  My babies are growing up so fast and I can\’t do a thing about it.  Whatever happened to the term  "Lazy days of summer"?????????
    Hope you have a great vacation and that you come back rested and refreshed.  Keeping you and your family in our prayers…
    Jacque  🙂

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