So far, so good

Alan told me he wanted a big cheeseburger and fries for dinner last night.  I said "no way".  I am no longer contributing to the insanity.  We had soup and salad.  Today was a healthy day as well…probably due in part to the fact we really can’t afford to go out at this point….  ’cause I really just wanted ice cream!  But I actually had to put just 3 gallons of gas in my suv because that was all I could afford…. Kiki is in theatre camp again this summer….and that took most of my gas money…. of course, I still have to take her there….hmmmm….
Which reminds me….. It must almost be my one year "Blogaversary"!!  Because I think I started my space here last year when Kiki did Theatre camp!   Wow.  I better check that out…
We didn’t think she was going to get to attend theatre camp this year.  She was on the waiting list.  I got a call this morning saying there had been a cancellation and could we make it in for the auditions?  (we had just gotten up, and we had one hour…and we live over 30 minutes away!)  Well, we flew, and we made it.  She’s pretty excited.  That just leaves me to figure out how to pay for it and the gas to get her there and back, not to mention I really need to buy some fruits and vegatables.  Oh, well, it’ll work out.  We haven’t starved yet.  Obviously.
I think Alan is feeling pretty down.  I also wonder if his medication will take some getting used to?  The label said it can cause drowsiness, and he takes it 2x day…. tonite he went to bed at 8:30….geez.  He’s never been a night owl like me, but that’s nuts!
Well, I think I will toddle off to bed, since I have to get up early.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to do some blog-walking….!!  

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  1. The situation with your husband\’s health and my husband\’s health is very similar.  My husband has diabetes and high blood pressure and also needs to lose a ton of weight.  Being that I also have the same health concerns, I am continually trying to get us both on the right track.  It isn\’t easy!  I will make healthy dinners and my husband will eat them, but he so wants to eat junk food instead.  Most of the time he ends up eating both the healthy meal and his \’treats\’!  I just figure it is a battle I will have to wage for the rest of my life.  All we can do is take it one day at a time.  Good luck with the changes you are making! 

  2. Wow, that is really scary about Alan\’s health.  It definitely is worth going out of your way and out of your comfort zone to live a healthier lifestyle.  That is so scary!  People (including me!) don\’t realize the difference it will make in your life to eat better. 
    I\’m so happy for Kiki to be able to go to camp.  Maybe you can sell something on ebay and make a little extra money.  That is what I do when funds are too low.  Maybe a couple of dvd\’s.  They can sell today and you\’ll have the money within hours.  Just a thought.
    Take care,

  3. Bummer about dh\’s health.  I pray that he will find the strength to do what is healthy for him.]
    Isn\’t it amazing how we find the money for our children when there just doesn\’t see, to be a way?  Amazing.  We will eat lentils but we make sure they eat healthily and get to have some fun.  And we wouldn\’t have it any other way, eh?  God is a great example of a loving parent.  Be well, g

  4. Hi Ann,
    I am so happy that Kiki is in theatre camp.  What an awesome opportunity for her!  I\’m sure you won\’t regret the sacrifices to give her this experience.  Maybe next summer I will look into Mariah going to something like that.  She is dramatic!
    Still praying for a horse to come into your life…

  5. Well, first Happy Anniversary.  A year of blogging is no small accomplishment.
    And, second GOOD for you making soup and salad.
    Finally,  way to go Kiki!
    I hope it all works out for you. 

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