Every 3 days…

I’m not sure what the deal is, that I seem to only get on here to blog every 3 days…. but it is becoming a pattern.  I’d really like to at least write something every day…  This housework crap is killing me.  lol.  But, seriously….this is the 2nd time I’ve done the "fast and furious" cleaning, and ended up with some sort of flu-like symptoms.  I told Alan we need a maid.  He said, fine, but we’ll be the only people living out of a car who have one….  Is he saying we can’t afford one??!! 
The kitten absolutely loves the dog.  Take a look at the pictures…it’s funny.  The dog is still a little worried.  I’m not sure if she’s afraid of the cat, or afraid of hurting him and getting in trouble. 
I’ve almost got the office/schoolroom finished.  With Kiki, it’s three steps forward and two steps back…everytime I get it almost done, she comes in and trashes the place, so the cycle repeats.  I can’t take pics of it when it’s all messy!  I am really working hard on cracking down on her about her messes… I know it is making her nuts, because I am constantly making her come from wherever she is and whatever she’s doing to pick something up, put something away, or put trash in the trashcan.  I’m trying to teach her that if she’d just take care of this stuff in the first place she wouldn’t have to come back later.  I’m sure this would have been easier to teach at an earlier age… I’ve been a slacker on this stuff….but, if I can change at my age, so can she! 
The rest of the house is staying okay.  It’s a never-ending battle of picking stuff up, and I hate that.  But, I do like it to be tidy and clean.  Urgh.  We’ll see how long it lasts this time.  
Our weather is blazing hot, and smoky from all the fires around the area.  Not my fave.  Thank the Lord for central air.  I am so spoiled!  
Well, our big summer vacation to Pittsburgh is only 3 weeks away!  I am looking forward to it, even though I am dreading the heat and humidity.  Alan’s Aunt loves company, and is setting up a bunch of stuff for us to do… hopefully, most of it fun!!  When we originally planned this trip, months ago, I was hoping it would encourage me to lose some weight.  Ha.  Don’t think I can lose 100 lbs in 3 weeks, do ya??  sigh   Still, I am going to go buy a few new articles of clothing.  I hate to, but I’d like to look as good as I can, given the circumstances.  Or should I say, given the ‘circum-ference’!  I found a few things for Kiki at Gap Kids; stuff that is girly, and also flattering to her body.  Not easy to find these days, with the emhasis on skinny shirts and all.    The girly part is because she has been referred to as a boy several times lately… I guess it’s her very short hair.  I mean, to me, of course I don’t think she looks like a boy at all, but then, I’m her mom.  She does have a tendency to want to comb it straight down, so it does look a bit more like a boy style than it would with a little effort, and she likes to wear jeans and t-shirts….even boy jeans, and dinosaur t’s.  So, I don’t really blame the folks who’ve made those comments!  It’s beginning to make her feel bad, though.  She really wants her hair to grow back!  Until then, she wants to wear a bit more ‘girly’ type clothes!  She said she wanted to wear "only dresses"…. a little impractical – I found her an adorable peasant style, white blouse out of a very lightweight fabric (good for heat!) and some capris, as well as a coral-pink peasant type skirt…she loved them.  We’ll need to find a few more things, so she can feel good about herself while we are there. 
That’s about all the ramblings for today.  The family wants to go "do something", so I guess I need to get off the computer for now…

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  1. My parents grew up in the Pittsburgh area, so every few years we planned a trip back there to visit all of the relatives.  I always enjoyed those trips as a kid.  It was mega hot, though, and none of my family members ever had air conditioning.  I hope you guys have a GREAT time! 

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