So, there’s a creative title for today’s entry, no?   Sorry; it’s late, I’m sleepy…  Let’s see; the house got – mostly – clean, so the Bunco party went fine.  Altho some of my guests were sorely disappointed in my lack of m&m’s… I can always be counted on for those!  I don’t know, I guess the major pain in my ankles and feet caused me to forget.  Funny how carrying around the weight of an entire extra person can put some strain on the old feet…huh…who knew??  The laundry, however, is stacked up in about a 2 foot high pile in the laundry room.  Then, today, I went out to the garage…. Kiki and her cousin N. were playing "camping" out there… I suppose I should have known that would mean the sleeping bag I just took to the laundromat would be spread out on the garage floor…right where I’ve been sanding and painting.  These are the things that upset me…. Do you see?  I can never catch a break!  I did make her clean it up (altho this means another trip to the laundromat, which I don’t love) …as well as the mess she made on her daddy’s desk, as that is somewhat of a touchy spot for him.  I must have been on her a dozen times today…."come back here….pick that up….is that where you found that?….is that where that belongs?…"  We need to work on this, I guess.  But, all in all, things are much better than they were a day ago.  Still, I got nagged at tonight.  There was a paper bag on the floor (which, I had put there on purpose for the kitty to play in!) and the spousal unit is like "Geez, it’s happening already!  Why are you letting the place get messy again?  Why can’t you keep up on it?"  Oh, shoot….. it wasn’t even worth the effort of explaining to him why the bag was there.  Like, hey, you could find out the story before you go ballistic… but, whatever.   Tomorrow is the last day of VBS, and a BBQ.  Friday is supposed to be 107 degrees!  I don’t have to be anywhere then; maybe I’ll be nice and tell Alan to take my car to work.  (It’s the one with air conditioning!)  Hmmmm – or maybe I’ll let him suffer, the big poop. 
The cat is doing great!  He is really a sweetie.  Typical wild, climbing the drapes-eating the plants kind of cat, but cute.  Not shy at all, which I like.  He finally got brave enough to hang out in the den with us tonight (the one thing he’s freaked out over is the rats, and they are in there).  He’s been attacking the dog….he’ll run up and start chawing on her back legs…it’s hilarious.  So, the dog is afraid of the cat who is afraid of the rats….what kind of backwards house do I live in??! 
Well, I guess I am off to bed.  Have to get up early in the morning to get to Vacation Bible School one last time!  I need to leave early enough to stop and pick up my mocha on the way!

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  1. OK, call me goofy. I read that you said you were just calling him Fluffanutter b/c hubby wants it to be anonymous… do not even ask what I was thinking with that last comment. Good grief.
    My brain is dead sometimes! :o)

  2. You are describing the story of my life with kids!
    I love cats!  What a funny deal with the ratgirls and the dog!
    I was all set to really get on track a couple years ago and then I broke my collarbone!  That set me back awhile.  Things seem to be in my favor right now.  Hope it lasts…
    Is your ankle better?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I\’m able to get back now!  YEAH!  Have missed reading up on your life.  We added a new kitten to our family a few weeks back, too!  S/He is a cutie too (I\’m in denial… the cat was supposed to be a male – he was 6 weeks old when we got him and we really couldn\’t tell… yes, I know it should be easy- but I do believe he\’s a she… ARGH.  Cute nonetheless).  Her name is Hubble cause she\’s such an explorer… my son named her.
    Enjoy the kitty and I\’ll try to check back in more often.

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