Fluffanutter the kitten

Okay, so that’s not his real name…if you recall, my spouse’s one concern was that I blog "incognito"….he’s afraid of the boogeyman, you know… (or of me embarrassing him – hmm, I hadn’t thought of that…!)  Anyhoo, the kitty is fluffy, and he is nutty, so there ya go!  He’s doing well.  His little ‘cold in the eye’ is going away, and he is not shy at all.  He wants to be around us wherever we are.  He loves the dog; he’ll run up to her and attack her…she, on the other hand, isn’t quite sure what to do with him!  She’d love to play, but I think she’s afraid she’ll get in trouble.  Which is probably for the best right now, as he’s such a little thing.  We’ve been very careful not to yell at her if she chases him, because we do want them to be playmates, eventually.  She’d never hurt him on purpose, so it’s all good.  The only fear I had that is coming true so far is that he is becoming more attached to me than to Kiki.  He is supposed to be her cat, but…. I don’t know if this is true for all kids, but I know in my experience of nieces and nephews, the child wants a pet of their own, but they really don’t want to put in the effort required.  I mean, she’s being great about feeding him, cleaning his litterbox, making sure he gets put in ‘his room’ at night, and so forth; but the constant loving and attention that he demands right now is a bit more than she wants to give.  She wants to play, and he swats her toys;  she wants to watch tv, and he smacks her ear…. so then she wants to put him away because he’s ‘annoying’ her.  Sheesh, if I put her away when she annoyed me I’d get in big trouble for keeping my kid in the closet!!  hahaha.   So, well, I just can’t help it.  I am an animal person to my core, and I can’t let the little guy suffer because she’s ‘not in the mood’ to deal.  This very moment is a case in point:  She left to go play at her friend’s house.  I suppose I could have shut him back into the bathroom while she was gone; but it seems to me that if someone is home, he ought to be out.  So, while I checked my email, he perched on my shoulder, and right now, he is sleeping on my desk, curled up next to my keyboard.  It’s a dilemma, honestly.  I want this little guy to be her friend, her pal…. but, I can’t help being kind and compassionate to an animal in my household, so…..what to do? 
On the lighter side, this little guy, while not afraid of the dog in the least, even tho her head is bigger than he is, is terrified of the rats!  Alan was holding him and walked past the rats’ cage to go watch TV, and the little guy fuzzed up, and leaped out of Alan’s arms.  He doesn’t even want to be in the room with them!  My crazy life…. our dog is afraid of our cat who is afraid of our rats…. lol!!

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  1. Fluffanutter is actually kind of a cool name…. did you settle on one already though? The only problem with Fluffanutter is can you imagine standing at the front door hollering "Fluffanutter, Fluffanutter" if the kitty gets away and you\’re callin\’ it home? It\’s a mouthful to say! ;o)

  2. Cats are not like dogs, who tend to attach to one person especially. The cat will be glad to accept attention from anyone who wants to give it as it grows. It sounds to me like Kiki is happy with the amount of attention she is giving him, so I wouldn\’t worry about it.

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