Just another day of living

Life can be such a… I don’t know, a pain, a stress, a zooming freight train… I can’t believe how the time flies by.  But I feel sometimes as tho I am stuck in the mud.  It all swirls around me, as I watch from the sidelines, helplessly. 
This week I was supposed to get the house "finished".  As in, cleaned. Tidied.  Hasn’t happened yet, and it is Friday afternoon.  Maybe when I am done here.  I’d rather take a nap.  I need help.  Or more caffeine.
The kitten is adorable.  He is – wound up and crazy.  The dog is about to jump out of her skin, she wants to chase him so badly!  She knows better, though.  Today is his first venture out into the ‘whole’ house.  I can tell where he is by the rattle of the dog’s tags, lol.  For him being such a tiny little guy, smaller than the dog’s head, he doesn’t seem to be terribly afraid of her.  He likes the curtains.  Great.  This should be  – interesting. 
My daughter and my niece have this weird competetive thing going on, and it’s beginning to get on my last nerve.  I’m not sure if my sister and I are the cause of it, or what.  I do know, that from the time they were babies, (the 2 girls are just 8 months apart in age) my sister has had some jealousy issues.  She was annoyed because I could dress Kiki cuter.  I’ll admit, I was a nut about dressing her… she matched from her hat or headband to her shoes and socks and everything in between.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Is it my fault that Kiki was my first born, and her daughter was her 4th child??  So she had to spread her money out more?  I think not.   When the girls started getting American Girl dolls, N. absolutely did not want Kiki to get any of the same dolls that she was getting.  The same for the Littlest Pet Shop craziness…my sister would even tell me that if I bought one for Kiki, that I should pick up one for N. as well, and she’d pay me back.  Why?  Because Kiki couldn’t have anything N. didn’t?  Because she couldn’t go do her own shopping?  She didn’t pick them up for Kiki if she bought N. one…  and, I would find myself purposely not picking up extras… like a little voice inside me was like "ha ha, now Kiki has more.."  Which is a feeling I did not like having.  I suppose if they got along better, if N. was nice to Kiki, I’d feel different.  But she’s not.  She thinks she’s all grown up and Kiki is just this little kid.  Case in point – on July 4th, the family was all together.  You’d think two little 10 yr. old girls would be off playing together and having a good time, but no.  Kiki was playing alone because N. was hanging out with her big brothers and their friends.  (they are all 19 – 20 years old!)  Sheesh.  And this ugly competetiveness reared its head again this week.  My sister knew that we were actively looking for a pet for Kiki.  Way back in Jan., one of N.’s big brother’s told her he’d give her a puppy for her birthday, but he never did.  Well, they all knew we were going to pick up the kitten on Monday…guess what?  On Monday, N. got a puppy.  Just a week earlier, I’d been pleasantly surprised because N. had actually seemed happy for Kiki that she was getting a kitten.  (my family doesn’t like cats much; they like dogs much better, and they are quick to let you know it!)  I told N. that I thought it was nice that she was happy for Kiki about the kitten, and do you know what she said to me??  "I’m just glad she’s getting a kitten, because I don’t want her to get a puppy."  What a little poop.  So how convenient that she got a puppy on the very same day that Kiki got her kitten – I mean, let’s just take the shine right off that penny, shall we?  Because now, N.’s pup is sooo adorable, and Kiki’s kitten…well, he’s just going to grow up to be a cat.  Whoopie.  Thank goodness, Kiki didn’t notice it, really; she is just so happy to have her kitty.   nzzz’+-/ (oh, that was the kitty typing…he just jumped up on the keyboard!)  I’m trying not to let it get to me…oh, crap, who am I kidding?  I’m irritated as all heck with my sister!  It’s always ‘poor, poor me’ so everyone thinks they need to help her out and people give her and her family stuff all the time, but hey, who’s been to Africa, Williamsburg, DisneyWorld, Hawaii twice, Europe twice?  Her house is twice as big as mine, and she has the horse property, even though she isn’t the one who wants a horse….  uuuurrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!  breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breathe out……Okay, I have to stop now.
Soooo…. I am going to go do some housework now.  Maybe it will cool me off a bit!

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  1. Aren\’t the dynamics within a family interesting?  It sounds like your sister needs to grow up just a bit!  At least Kiki didn\’t notice the stuation with the puppy and she is enjoying her new kitty.  The problem I have always had with my sister is that we always have to do what she wants to do or we do nothing at all.  It drives me crazy because we will have something planned and if she decides at the last minute that she isn\’t feeling well or some such other excuse, then the plans go out the window!  As adults we have never lived too close to one another, so we don\’t have the problem pop up too much anymore.  But, when we do get together, there is always that possibility of plans changing on my sister\’s whim.   

  2. I\’m so glad I\’m not going through that with my siblings! Most of them can\’t keep up with us, but one of my brothers is way ahead of us! (He\’s an officer in the Navy) We just don\’t play that game. But one of my brothers is jealous of us, thinks we are rich, we make more but have a lot more kids. But there is no competition.
    We watched my dad and his sisters fight while their mom died. And my sister and I just could not fathom that, we would need each other when our parents die. My dad and his sisters are split now and do not all talk to each other. Its really sad.

  3. Well, I am excited for Kiki that she got her kitty!  They make wonderful pets, and I for one, would never think of them as inferior to dogs.  I prefer their independent nature, but find them very in tune to me when I am not well, just laying next to me, keeping me company.  And their antics!  Highly entertaining!  Liked your desk and how you painted it.  Congratulations to your parents on their 50th, and it WAS nice of you to give them a lovely party.  Looking forward to seeing the kitty pictures.  Hope you and your family have a fantastic week ahead.

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