Wrapping up the week…

So I will just give a little run-down on ‘current events’, since nothing of particular interest is going on today.  Last night, my sister and I went over to her friend’s house to work on the "picture board/memory board" dealie for my folk’s anniversary party.  My sister is like me but worse.  If I am a perfectionist and ADD, she is a super-perfectionist and AADDDDDD.  lol.   My idea was, find some cool pics of my parents wedding and then some from over the years,  mount them on a foam core board and maybe add a few embellishments….and call ‘er good.  But, no.  What we ended up doing was spending hours…. (seriously, we were at her friend’s from 4:30 until I left at 10pm, and she was still there…. and she’d taken this gal shopping with her for the supplies for a couple hours before that!) … making two gigantic scrapbook pages.  I’m talking papers, backgrounds, borders, edges, embellishments, the whole 9 yards.    I have to admit, they look totally awesome.  She bought black foam core board, and then the colors we used were black and white and periwinkle blue (the colors of my parents wedding) so sure, it looks way better than what I’d have thrown together…. but the price you pay is hours of work and telling her "yes, that looks fabulous – glue it down, already!"   Which is why we went to the friend’s home to do this, because she is a big time scrapbooker so she had all these great little tools to use.   My sis has some great friends.  I had to finally leave at 10 because my foot had swollen up so badly….I had no ankle bones at all, and the top of my foot was beginning to fold over my toes.  It was kind of cool in a freaky "how far can it go before it explodes?" kind of way.
Yesterday I also painted all three pieces of furniture for the schoolroom/office.  About halfway thru I had a moment of "holey cow, that’s a lot of black!" but I think it’s going to look great.  I used an oil-based paint since I was painting over old varnish and didn’t want any to peel off.  I did sand them all down like mad, but, used it just to be safe.  I really liked how it went on!  I’ve always used water-based paints because the clean-up is so much easier, but the oil-base sure paints nicer, in my humble opinion.    They are almost dry now, and Alan said we could move them in tonight!  Cool!  There are a couple spots that my ‘perfectionist self’ is a bit unhappy about, but I am trying to make that gal chill out!  They are just fine, thank you very much.  I took pics during the process (of course, because I like to brag!) so I will post them later. 
Tomorrow morning we go pick Kiki up from camp.  I am just so glad we spent the money to send self-addressed – stamped postcards with her….none of which we have received yet!  lol.   It’s been hard to not be able to communicate with her all week…I mean, at least just for a moment to ask her how she’s doing… I guess ‘no news is good news’ in this situation, since we’d only hear if she was absolutely miserable or injured in some way.   Poor Alan is taking it way harder than I am!  He misses his little girlie so much!  When he called this morning, he said "be sure you call me when the mail comes if we get a card from Kiki!"  How sweet is that, really?!!   
Well, I suppose I have sat here long enough.  My ankle has been iced down, so now I can go put the stinky brace on and start…..ugh… cleaning house.  I was supposed to be doing this all week… I have totally avoided it…. and dang, have I had a nice week!! 

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  1. I think no postcards is a good thing.  I can\’t imagine what kind of a camp it would be if she actually wanted to sit down and send her sad old parents a postcard.  😉 
    I bet she is having too much fun.  Besides, it\’s only a week.  Duh! mom.
    My daughter just went to bball camp for a week.  All I asked was for her to call me once and tell me how it was going. With her cell phone.  That I pay for.  That is never far from her side.  Did she?  Nope.  Nothing.  Couldn\’t be bothered.  Of course I expected it and knew I would hear if anything bad happened but still…
    Ah, the life of a mother… it isn\’t for the weak of heart.

  2. Your sister sounds like my mother- overkill, with me along for the ride & clean-up 😛
    I love my kids, but always look forward to a little time away from them- Sam is the male version of the "Chatty Cathy" & I\’m rather fond of silence, particularly before 10 am 😉
    Hope your ankle is feeling better soon- pain & swelling doesn\’t sound good 😦

  3. I\’m glad you had such a nice week.  I\’m sure Kiki did too.  You are right, no news is good news!
    The furniture sounds lovely, sounds like you\’ve been working hard!
    I hope your ankle feels better soon,

  4. Wow… sounds like you were BUSY. What happened to rest and relaxation while all was quiet on the homefront??
    Have a great weekend, having that girlie home!!

  5. I cannot wait to see the pictures of your furniture!  You can brag and I can be green with envy over your craftiness and artistic talent!

  6. Sounds like you have been so busy.  Wow…you got a lot done!  I need to get off my but and clean some drawes and put the photos in  the photo album and about another zillion things on that list…i\’ll never finish lol
    I have added you as a friend.  I hope that is okay.  Enjoy your week.

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