Our trip was great!  Cannon Beach is awesome!  When I am not so doggone tired, I will post all about it.  Right now, I just wanted to say ‘hello’; and, thanks to the newcomers who have left comments – it’s nice to meet you!  And, I will pop over on your sites to say hello.  To my old friends, thanks for checking in on me!  I will be over soon to see what’s going on with all of you as well
There really is no place like home, though.  It was sooo wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night.  And to walk barefoot inside.  (our beach ‘house’ – more like beach ‘shack’, lol, was a bit, umm, heebie-jeebie…if you know what I mean?)  Still, an amazing trip.  I am ready to sell everything I own and move to Cannon Beach.  Seriously.
For now, tho, I am off to bed…I’ve done tons of laundry today, I have an ankle that is extremely sore, and my gut is killing me (too much seafood??  I don’t know…) 
I have a bunch of photos I will post as well….. until then, Goodbye and Goodnite!! 

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  1. I am so impressed with that adorable shelf you did!  So cute!  I wish I had the talent and the know how to do something like that.  It\’s perfect for a girl\’s room!

  2. Welcome home!! I hear ya about the selling it all and moving to the beach!!! I\’d LOVE to do that too! Maybe I\’ll just come visit you instead!
    Great project pics … you have a neat eye for that! I LOVE it…

  3. Yaay!!
    Glad to have you back.  I\’m happy that you had such a nice time at the beach and I can\’t wait to see pics.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to move to a beach and work in a little Crabshack that served umbrella drinks and lovely seafood baskets!  haha

  4. Oh I am so glad you are back! Missed you!  I keep dreaming of a house on a lake, maybe with a horse grazing out back.  Sounds great doesn\’t it?

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