OH! So you open the garage door FIRST, and THEN you back out??!

They say bad things happen in 3’s, right?  Remember a bit back I told about my rear side window just falling out of my SUV?  Well, not even a week later, I was on my way to pick up Kiki from a friend’s house when I got a speeding ticket.  A deserved speeding ticket, don’t get me wrong…but, still.  Well, just a couple days ago, I was in the middle of a crazy busy day…my dad’s birthday, so we’d gone over to take him a gift and say ‘hey’, then about 87 errands needed running….we were finally on our way home when Alan called and said we needed to come by the Opening of their new location.  It was a "Friends and Family" night, in preparation for the ‘real’ Grand Opening on Saturday…he’d thought it was just a "shmooze" party for vendors and such, so he’d said not to bother coming – that I’d be bored or feel out of place.  But when he realized a lot of family members of the owners were coming, as well as office staff and all the managers of the other locations (many of whom I met when we threw the company Christmas party last year) so he called and said "come on!"  Which was cool – except now I had to throw it into turbo in order to get all our stuff unloaded and turn around and head back out…. so, Kiki and I rush home, throw stuff out of the car, throw clean clothes on, and go.  Generally, this is how this works….We go out to the garage.  I poke the button on the garage door opener which is right beside the door I go out.  By the time Kiki and I are in the car, settled, ready to roll, the garage door has been open for quite some time (we take awhile getting our poop in a group.)  I don’t know if I was frazzled or flustered or what, but on this occasion I didn’t open the garage door first…we got in and as we were gettting ready I used the button in my car that opens the door…then I backed out before the door was all the way up….  OH MY GOSH.   I have scrapes on the very top of the back hatch, and on the roof, as well as the plastic tail light cover that’s up on the top as well.  Not to mention the garage door is now slightly…tweaked.  Not dented, just…tweaked.  Which is awful.  I am so careful about my vehicles!  I take pride in them.  Oh, but that is not the worst of my story. OH, nooooo.  My dad looked at the scratches and thinks he can buff most of them out.  But, when I heard the sounds and realized what I had done… a choice expletive flew out of my mouth.  With my little girl in the car.  Now, in general, I do not cuss.  I have a pretty clean mouth.  On the rare occasion when I do something really frustrating or painful (like hammering my thumb or breaking a valued treasure) I might let loose a word or two.  It is generally of the s*** or d*** variety, and only once has it been in the presence of my daughter.  But on this day….. I am truly ashamed to say it…. I – dropped – the – F-bomb!  I do not say that word!  I hate that word!  Despise it, abhor it!!  I cringe when I hear it said in public.  It’s crude and horrible….and it went flying out of my own mouth!!   Kiki’s mouth dropped open, and she just…stared at me.  I began to apologize immediately.  Her eyes were huge.  Finally, she found her voice.  "Mama, where did you hear that word??  Do you remember, about three months ago, you used the cousin to "ding it"?? Are you going to become one of those ‘bad-word-sayers’???"  
 So, yes, I am a bad mom.  I think both of us are going to have to go into therapy. 

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  1. lol  Oh my goodness!!!  I can just picture Kiki\’s face!  lol  I hope she\’s not too traumatized.  ;o)

  2. Glad you got the invites to work.  Your projects are great!  I love your creative use of color and flowers.  Can\’t wait to see the rest of the finished products!
    I had to laugh, I did the same thing in our garage with the van several years ago when I worked at school.  Except I was stuck!  I had to get to school so I ran out to the end of the driveway and caught a ride with a neighbor going by.  Later when I got home Dave had left a note…."I\’m just glad no one was hurt"!  I was sure he was going to kill me!  haha    he scored points that day  🙂

  3. Sorry 🙂 I couldn\’t help it – I roared with laughter at this one when I got to the end.  I can just imagine her face and yours!

  4. Mama told me there would days like this…remember that song?  Sounds like a couple of days I have had just this year alone…and it is funny how it always happens in threes!  Maybe not at the time but later on we can laugh…Thank God for a sense of humor, hey?
    Loved the story….

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