My Projects!

I’ve posted a few pics of the stuff I’ve got going….these are going to go in my new office/schoolroom.  I am totally excited!  I found this really cool mousepad – and a little box – oh, I should put up a picture of those so you know how they look – and I am decorating the room based on those.  Which may sound silly, but I love the colors and designs so it got me started!  I think it is going to be my "happy room", lol!  The blue of the nightstand is much more turquoise/aqua than it appears, on my monitor at least.  I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the knobs I put on it.  I had them in mind, but in retrospect them seem a bit too old-fashion.  I found this great sort of s-curve black iron bar, but because it is an old piece of furniture (from about the 40’s) none of the current one-piece bar type pulls are the right length.  The desk, computer desk and bookcase I am going to paint black.  Well, I’m not sure about the bookcase yet.   I may add some bright details to them, we’ll see.  Since none of the pieces match in wood type or style, I want to pull them together by making them all the same color.  Instead of curtains (I already have white wood blinds for privacy) I have a beaded garland and those, well…. plastic, clear-colored, twisty wind catcher thingies.  Yeah, so you know exactly what I’m talking about, right??  More pics, okay…   I am having a blast doing this.  I have to stop for a bit as we (Kiki and I) are heading to the coast in a couple days, but I’ll get right back to it when we return!  

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