How Homeschooling Made Me a Bad Housekeeper

Yep, I figured it out.  My lack of housekeeping is directly related to homeschooling.  I have never been Martha Stewart, but I haven’t always been the….whatever it is I am now.  I realized it’s been the last few years since it’s been so bad, (even Alan has struggled to figure out what’s gone wrong, because he will admit I have not always been this way) and at first I was just thinking it had something to do with moving back here, or disliking this house, or something….when I realized, hey!  It’s all fallen apart the last 3 years or so….exactly the amount of years I’ve been homeschooling!!  Haha!  I have an excuse…. I mean, reason.  Okay, so it’s not exactly the homeschooling bit…it is the fact that Kiki and I are always home.  Keeping the house clean used to be easy.  Alan and I worked all the time, so we didn’t have that much time to mess the place up.  We’d spend a few hours a week tidying, dusting, vacuuming and etc. and it stayed fairly decent ’til the next week.  I don’t know, since I haven’t lived that life, but I guess that if your kids are gone at school all day, and maybe even at after-school care as well, it’d be pretty much the same.  How much mess can you really make if you’re not home?  But Kiki and I are here, messing stuff up, making 3 meals a day, and not always cleaning up immediately after ourselves.  Sure, you’d think always being home means more time to clean, but it’s really much more time to mess the place up.  So, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it! 

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I think you hit the nail on the head!!  It\’s also the reason that it is tough not to snack during the day, at least for me that is.  I just got done making a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough.  I made some to take to my friends who were in a motorcycle accident.  Somehow when I wasn\’t paying attention, my body started making another batch.  For no reason at all!!  Now I have to figure out how to walk through the kitchen without that dough or the cookies yelling "yoo hoo" to me each time…
    Every day I am cleaning like crazy (remember I also have a cleaning lady who comes in) and these kids  ..and Dave.. go fast right behind me… undoing!  Actually, the other day Mariah and Jonathan washed the floor in the kitchen.  Pretty good job, too.  Mariah got the pail and Mr. Clean and a rag.  Jon got a scrub brush and the both skated around on drying towels.  …Ben and Ava were napping. Times like that give me hope and keep me going. haha 
    Hope you figure out the invitations.  I love doing that kind of thing!

  2. It can definitely be difficult to be clean when you stay at home, but I\’ve found if I clean as I go instead of doing it all at once, my life becomes a lot easier.  The longer I hold off it just seems to build.  That happens a lot on the weekends when Michael is home.  Then I almost have a nervous breakdown and go on a map cleaning spree.  It is a serious thing in my house! 🙂  My mom instilled that in me!
    I really do think you should look into getting someone to deep clean like once a month.  Even for just like an hour.  There are a lot of people out there needing some extra cash who will do it for fairly cheap.  You should check it out!
    Take care,

  3. I feel your pain Ann. I work from home and at first when I started this I would take mini breaks through the day to pick up messes from the kids getting ready in the morning. Then I just started waiting until they got home and had them do it. Now that school is out I have taken to working in my room to try and have them leave me alone (yeah right!) and they just sort of trash the house since I am not out there to see it. Luckily my girls are 13 and 16 so these messes I do not clean up. They know they have to work to get their allowance at the end of the week. I have always said though, what is more important – the mess or the time you are getting to spend with your family doing other things.

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