Back in Business…..Almost!

Well, I am sitting on a footstool and it is a bit bothersome to my back-side, however, the computer is in the office so I am one step closer!  My actual computer desk is out in the garage as I am sanding it down in order to paint it….so right now I am using Kiki’s old toddler sized table!  Yes, I am sure I look quite ridiculous here!  Glad I haven’t got a little webcam…. Things here are progressing.  The "whole house" was not clean for the big guy’s birthday, but close enough that I believe it made him happy.  Huh.  Who knew.  We bought him a gift just in case….the whole, extra-long "Lord of the Rings" DVD set.  So he’s happy in so many ways!  We are having an actual party for him and my dad (whose b-day is just one day later than Alan’s) on Saturday, so we are making another gift for then…well, Kiki’s making it… a picture frame.  It’s coming out very cool, not "kiddie" looking at all, and we found a picture of him with Kiki, about which his comment was "wow, a picture of me I actually like"….so, it’s a good deal. 
I am having soooo much fun re-doing the furniture to put in the office!  My calling is definately to be an artist, not a cleaning lady.   I found this cool mousepad, and I’m baseing my decor on it.  What can I say, it’s in my "happy colors"!  I am sanding down and painting 2 desks, a cabinet and an end table.  And maybe my desk chair, but it’s an antique so I’m not sure if that’d be totally cool…. so maybe I’ll just put a new fabric on the seat in some wild and funky material.  I’ll post some pics when I am done…. 
Kiki’s room is coming along as well.  We found a set of sheets at T.J. Maxx (discount dept. store) and they are not only nice sheets (high thread count, very smooth and shiny) but a perfect match to her IKEA bedspread!  It’s kind of amazing….almost as amazing as a 9 yr. old girl who has had a rose-printed quilt on her bed since she was 4 and still loves it!!   I painted a shelf for her today (a wicker one) and also have a bookcase to paint; she is going to have a "book nook" in one corner.  I have a lot to do, but it’s stuff I enjoy, at least.    
Then, of course,  I still have a load of actual cleaning to do….it never ends, does it??  You know how I feel?  Like I am trying to
hold back the ocean’s tide with a single shovel.
I’m telling you, Kiki is the tiny tornado.  Everytime I think I am almost on top of this household stuff, I find some new gigantic mess.  It’s insane.  Or making me so.  I am really trying to hold her accountable and make her get back and pick up her stuff, but it isn’t easy.  More on that in a second….. 

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  1. It sounds like you have some fun projects going.  I much prefer to do crafty things than clean, too.  It is just me and my husband in our apartment, so it stays pretty clean if we do a good thorough job of it about once a month.  I\’m lucky in the fact that Jack doesn\’t mind cleaning and will jump right in and do it himself if he feels something is to messy.  Anyway, enyoy your painting.  Can\’t wait to see the pictures of the finished projects.

  2. Your ideas sound very fun and creative.  I love that kind of stuff, too.  I am trying to think of some ways to change some bedrooms around.  We need to get a bunk with a full size on the bottom.  Dave actually made one when Alan was a kid and then we sold it a while back.  Too bad.  I saw one that had a slide off the top bunk.  It looked fun!  We\’ll see how ambitious Dave is.  I told him I wished he would make one for us.

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