Rat Update…and it’s good news!

At least they are resilient…..
All is quiet on the Western Front….. for now, at least!  I did go ahead and separate the rats.  I found it hard to think that after their whole lives together they would start fighting, but we actually observed it one evening as they were out playing…O., who has always been the submissive one, started to just pound on M., the one who has been getting all the injuries.  All I can figure is, that after the first leg sprain M. got (from either a fall or getting her leg stuck) that O. saw her chance for advancement and has been taking full advantage.  I guess that happens in the animal kingdom…you just don’t expect it at your home!   At first we put M. in the new little cage, but she started to freak, and since she was the injured one I didn’t want her to have extra stress, so we put O. in it instead.  It’s just a tiny cage; it would be better as a carrying cage, so I suppose we are going to have to fork out some cash for a full-size cage…but if it will keep the injuries away, it’s worth it.  I think both rats are a little sad at being separated….as if it’s my fault….I refuse to take on guilt for that!   M.’s wound is healing nicely…better than I thought it would, actually.  You see, at first it was hard to get a good look at (they are hairy, small and wriggley!) so I just thought it was a deep cut.  After a few days of neosporin, her hair was all slimed down so I got a better look…eeeyyywww.  It was actually a circle, detached about 3/4 of the way around.  As it began to heal up, I was afraid it would heal with this little hunk of dried skin hanging off…which you have to agree would have been totally gross.  I suppose some of you think the fact we have a rat at all is totally gross….huh?!  Thankfully, yesterday when we went in to treat her, the skin hunk was gone and she just has this little round sore that looks almost healed!  Yay!  Of course, Kiki figured out that means the hunk is somewhere in the cage, and that is freaking her out!  I suppose I’ll have to clean the cage by myself this time!  Shoot, what we do for our pets and kids! 

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  1. Hi Ann,
    I\’m glad to see a positive update on the rat situation.  You are such a great mom.  Kiki is learning compassion for all living creatures.
    Sounds like you are feeling better, too.
    Have a great week…

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