Help! More pet woes….

Please….pray for us!!  This is not good….
You may remember I took one of Kiki’s rats to the vet a week ago because her leg was swollen… $95.00 later she is on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain meds…. so, things seemed to be going well, she is almost done with her antibiotics.  Tonight Kiki gave her the medicine, then she was playing with her.  She handed me the rat, and I was petting her, when I found a nasty cut on her shoulder.  Dang it!!  Thankfully, she is already on antibiotics…I cleaned it out and put some neosporin on it….but what in the world is going on??!!  I have looked all over the cage to see if she could be hurting herself, and I am having a very bad feeling that what is going on is that the other rat is biting her.  Now, they have lived together their whole lives and always been friends, but I cannot figure out anything else that could be causing the cuts.  
I don’t know how much Alan and I are willing (much less able) to put into this rat.  I mean, she’s a sweetie, but….still…..I hate for Kiki to have to deal with this.  But it’s part of life, I know.
I would be very grateful for your prayers – for the rat, for me, for Kiki.
Thank you. 

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  1. So sorry that things are not going well right now.  Is it possible to seperate the rats?  Perhaps that way you will be able to tell if it is the cage or the other rat.  Maybe you can get a cheap cage at a yard sale or even a glass fish tank.
    Hope things start looking up soon.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Lots of prayers coming your way for EACH of you!  Hope the rat is doing better.  Did you separate them?
    Have you ever been to site called "Reign of Ellen"?  I enjoyed stopping by there and checking out some books she had written! 
    Thinking of you…

  3. I understand the ambivalence over the cost of treating a pet; we\’ve spent well over $500 on our 13 yo cat just this month & will have to continue the $70/mo insulin for the rest of her life. I agree that you need to separate the rats to rule out the other one doing the damage- that may end up being the simple solution.

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