Food for thought ~ the power of the subconscious mind

Have you ever thought about how powerful our mind is?  The stuff that’s in there…   I have a terrible memory.  I wish I didn’t, but what can ya do?  A good friend of mine once spent nearly half an hour reminding me of this terrible blind date I’d had in high school.  I was convinced she had me confused with some other friend until something finally clicked and I remembered.  I haven’t yet figured out how to unlock the secret little doors that hold all the information.  I know it’s in there, however.  Do you know how people can totally block bad events, negative memories, things their conscious minds just cannot deal with?  So we know it happens.  Well, for the last couple weeks, I’ve been in a huge funk.  Now, before that, I was really pulling it together – getting the house clean, getting projects done.  Then suddenly, I was feeling overwhelmed, almost depressed.  I couldn’t figure out why.  I was just in this downward spiral, like I was being sucked into some black hole.  Suffocating.   Yesterday, I was balancing the checkbook (and yeah, that in itself never really makes me happy!) and Kiki was trying to figure out how many days are left of school.  She wanted my calendar, which was all the way downstairs – heaven forbid – then she found my old one up here.  I told her "honey, that one is 2 years old, I don’t know if it will really help you".   But she is flipping through it, and finds May.  She studied it for a bit, trying to figure out the date (and she seems to have a better grip on what day it is that I do most days).  Suddenly, she stops…she looks at me for a few moments, then says "Mom?  Do you realize that 3 years ago today is when Aunt B**** died?"  Wow.  Huh.  I  hadn’t really been thinking about that.  Last night, I cried for awhile.  I really miss her.  Then, this morning, I realized – I feel okay again.  The cloud is gone.  I’ve cleaned the kitchen, done some laundry; as soon as I’m done here I am going to work on the office…. It suddenly all makes sense; the depression I was feeling.  But I wasn’t even aware of it, consciously anyway.  Weird.    

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  1. I\’m glad your cloud is gone… for whatever reason! That unconscious thought process is a mind-boggler at times, huh? I\’ve missed you… I\’ll try to do better. I can\’t seem to get caught up on visiting everyone here in blogland! I\’m trying though!

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