Race for the Cure ~ part II

Well, finally!  I am going to post the pics….it was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect; sunny and warm but with a cool breeze.  They had the biggest turnout ever this year. (thousands, I don’t know the exact #, but I believe it was over 13,000!)  My mom is a survivor, so that’s why we race.  Race, hah!!  We do the ‘shuffle in the crowd’ but you know what I mean!  Yep, she’s a 12 year survivor…she gets to wear the pink t-shirt, and at the finish line they give survivors a pink carnation and a cool medal.  Plus, they get extra ‘goodies’ at the little booths where they are handing stuff out.  Kiki hardly complained at all…I was impressed.  Even when we had to use the porta-potties.  (ick.)  It’s funny how the runners are finishing when we are still on the first half of the walk!  We tried to win the raffle for the pink scooter, but didn’t win, dang it.  I really need one….$71.00 to fill my gas tank and that’ll last me a week….uhg….but, I digress…..anyhoo, I’ll put up the pics from race day.  I was glad I could be a part of it.
Did you know that men and dogs can get breast cancer also? 

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  1. Hi there – just catching up from all the mess at work the last two weeks.  The boys and I also did the Race for the Cure here in Pittsburgh with my friend Laurel who is a 5 year survivor and currently going through her 2nd bout with it.  Our Race is held on Mother\’s Day every year and this year had over 40,000 people.  Yes that number is correct.  It is so crowded, I wish it was still smaller.  We do the 5K walk. 

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