Race for the Cure

Last night my mom and dad came over for dinner.  (Yeah, my house got cleaned up…at least the main living areas.)  My mom brought over Kiki’s and my T-shirts for the breast cancer run/walk that is taking place this Saturday.  I had totally forgotten about it.  Uhg.  What was I thinking??   I am in such bad shape; I hope I just don’t die. We did it last year, but I feel even worse off this year!  For my mom’s sake, tho, I love to participate, as she is a breast cancer survivor.  Of course it makes me feel pretty lame that my 75 year old mom could totally outlast me on this little jaunt… she’s totally in better shape than me.  My sister is, too; I am just the token fattie in the family….well, c’est la vie.  This is the first year I’m taking Kiki…hope she doesn’t whine too much! 
Pray for me!!!
Strangeness in Google land…..do you ever look on your "stats" page, and see that someone found your space as the result of a Google search?  That in itself doesn’t bother me; sometimes it’s had to do with homeschooling or horses, or you know how it’s just an odd combo of words that really had nothing to do with their search at all.  What bothers me, though, is sometimes someone has found their way to my site when it is pretty clear what they were trying to find, was, well….the four letter "P" word.  I don’t even want to spell it out because then who knows what perv is gonna show up.  Anyway, that annoys me.

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  1. Good luck on your walk! You\’ll do fine.
    I am probably going to be preoccupied all day trying to think of a four-letter P-word…. I don\’t do well at cross-word puzzles either.

  2. Hey!  I saw you stopped by my space earlier, so I\’m returning the gesture.  :o)  Actually, I\’ve been here before, but forgot to bookmark it…so I\’m back and it\’s BOOKMARKED!  lol
    Yes, we are done with school!!!  Well, mostly….  My daughter has an algebra test today, then she\’s completely finished.  My son has some history to finish up and also has an algebra test.  Then he\’s done.  I\’m sooooooo glad!  Trying to work fulltime AND work the process of buying a house AND homeschooling all at the same time is EXHAUSTING!!!  I\’m so glad we\’re practically done with school so that I can focus on the house situation.  :o)
    I read a past entry of yours and I can totally relate to not being where you thought you\’d be.  When my husband and I got together shortly before getting married and then promptly having a family, I was putting together a portfolio for art school.  Hmmm…DETOUR!  :o)  Life\’s crazy!  lol

  3. Ann,
    Hi! Yes we just moved to TN so we are getting to know the place. I cant wait for the kitten to figure out how to use the litter box…OY! what a mess!

  4. I hope the walk goes well and that lots of money is raised for such a good cause!
    That is weird that people are finding your site from such a search.  Ick.
    Take care,

  5. Glad I wasn\’t the only one trying to figure out a four-letter P word.  Perhaps "puke"????  Oh well….
    Those photos were so amazing – I loved the puffy clouds. 
    Congrats on participating in the Walk this weekend!  What a great cause. 
    Take care,

  6. Hi,
    Glreat you are doing the Walk!  I always think about it, but haven\’t done it yet.  You\’ll be fine and it will be great to do with Kiki and your Mom.   I\’m glad you enjoyed the tribute to Mothers that I posted.
    In the morning I will be checking out the homeschool agenda at my friend\’s house after I go to Mariah\’s school and do the "Muffins with Mommy" thing at 7:30. 
    Post pictures of your Walk day, please…

  7. Well, I\’m not a perv just to set your mind at ease.  I saw your comment on Amy\’s page about her bird phobia and thought I would let you know that I too am a fellow grasshopper fearing woman.  My dad actually built a bumper around our riding lawnmower years ago after I had ran into a couple of items like trees, cars etc, trying to get them off me or all together abandoning the mower.  I think I\’ll post today on my horror story with the grasshoppers along the high way.

  8. Great job for getting out there!  We could not go to the Race this year but it was huge!  My Mom is a survivor too so I really care as well!  Have a great Mother\’s Day this weekend!  Blessings

  9. Hey you! Just dropping by to say HI and wish you a Happy Mothers Day!
    (AND I did not get here by way of a 4 letter p-word… whatever the heck that may be! But my stats tend to baffle me too!) ;o)
    Take care,

  10. Alright you guys, I suppose I had one of those "duh" moments when I knew what I was talking about so I thought you would too…sorry!  The P word…not really a 4 letter word, that\’s actually its abbreviation, it also has a 5 letter abbreviation…. p***o…..but it\’s actually a…umm, let me count….11 letter word.  And it ends in graphy.  And I don\’t mean photography…altho that\’s generally involved in some sense…. that\’s all the hints I can give unless I want other weirdo visitors!! 

  11. I get all sorts of weird google searches. the ones that scare me are the ones that they "hide" the search so you can\’t tell what brough them there! I don\’t even know HOW to hide what I search for, buy why would you need to? Thats scarey! I found if you replace letters with other things it works, like you can type p0rn with a zero and it won\’t work in a search. b00bs and p00p, too. I get lots of AWFUL p00p searches.

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