Where I wish I lived….

The pics I just posted are all taken in spots very close to my house….however, it doesn’t really represent where I live.  I live in a subdivision… Suburbia, USA.   How did that happen??  Life is crazy; that’s how.  One of my favorite quotes is this:  "Life is what happens to you while you are making plans to do something else."  That is totally what happened in my life!  I was going to be a horse breeder/trainer/showman….in college, I majored in Animal Science/Equine Industries.  Yes, I can tell Triticale from Winter Wheat…. I know how Beet Pulp smells….I can formulate the proper diet to raise a steer to market weight with the least expense.  I know how to castrate pigs.  (yes – that is gross!!) I know how utterly dumb sheep can be.  (and you realize those are the animals the Lord refers to us as??  You don’t know what it truly means that we "need a shepherd" until you’ve spent a bit of time with those woolie guys…then you appreciate how far, far above and beyond us is the Knowledge and Understanding of God!!)  But, I digress…. I can show a calf, shoe a horse, make sausage, pick the absolute best yearling foal out of the pasture…..and here I am, cleaning house…being the homeschool mom.  Don’t get me wrong….I love my life.  Now that I’m a mom, I wouldn’t give that up for anything.  But, it’s just….strange….so very far from where I intended to be in life. 
Now, I can do without the pig castrations and beef to market calculations, but I really, really need to get some horses back into my life!!  I can do that and the "momming" as well!  It can’t possibly affect my housecleaning; I mean, I totally suck at it now, so it’s not gonna get worse because I spend my days out riding!  In our valley, however, the prices of houses have gone a bit nutsy.  Everything is "develop develop" so to buy land is out of my reach, because it’s being sold for subdividing at astronomical prices.  You have to live pretty far out to afford property…and with gas at $3.15 a gallon and rising, how far out can I really afford to live, anyway?  My truck gets about 17 mpg….guess I need a scooter!
Well, there is the story…the story of the great photos of farms and cows and pastures that I only wish belonged to me!

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  1. Oh my gosh that is my dream land!  I have always wanted to live off of a county road, off of a dirt road, at the end of a very long driveway.  My dream house is one story with a porch on at least two sides and I would like a pond or creek nearby.  Of course horses and dogs and cats are part of the dream too. *g*  Never gonna happen, but the dream lives on.

  2. Wow, Ann,
    The things you know!  I grew up on a farm and have been a farm wife for 33 years.  I know a few of those things.  (like pig castration)  Funny that God refers to us as sheep.  on a lot of levels.  Thank goodness, He is the Shepherd.
    Our four youngest are adopted.  Each came to us as a newborn and they are all siblings!  Yes, God is truly amazing.
    I agree with your post.  My life is different than I imagined it would be and yet I absolutely love it, too.  🙂 
    I was writing a blog just now when you were visiting.
    Loved the farm pictures, keep on dreaming… God answers in abundance

  3. Dreams are what keep our souls light; even if they never come to pass, dwelling on things that are joyfull & give you happiness imparts a sweetness to life.
    Thanks for the well-wishes for dear Daisy; it\’s still too early to see much improvement, she\’s keeping down food & resting comfortably. The vet told us there is a slight chance (maybe 25-30%) that she may go into remission after a few months on insulin; she is quite stoic over the injections, but it would be nice not to have that $60 a month expense 🙂

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