It’s Been Almost a Week??

Oh My Gosh~~~ Slackers of the World, Unite!!    Where have I been??  La la land…..  Rat is good.  Kiki is good.  House is bad.  I am…..losing it. 
Be back tomorrow……..

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  1. Ahh, the important stuff is good.  Seriously think about a cleaning person.  Just things like scrubbing the bathrooms, dusting and windows….  especially dusting and vacuuming!  The weight off your shoulders will be amazing.
    Take care…

  2. House is bad?  Story of my life!  Glad that the rat is ok.  I remember taking our guinea pig to the vet years ago.  He had a respiratory infection and I gave him drops of medication twice a day.  It has been so long ago that I cannot remember if the infection killed him or if he died of other causes later.  Anyhow I had to laugh at myself because the vet bill was more than we paid for the guinea pig!  Hope you have a great day!

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