AWOL? ~ No, just a crazy week so far

I’m not too far gone…physically, that is!  Mentally ~ well, I’ve been gone for quite some time now!   It’s just been a crazy week, and, what, it’s only Wednesday??  Holey cow.  Between Easter festivities, trying to get the house ready to put on the market (more on that later) swim lessons, dance, gymnastics, and the Science Fair which is tomorrow….well, I’ve just been a wee bit busy!  I just wanted to pop on to say hey, and let you all know things are just dandy around here.  Absolute crazy weather, which is completely normal for Springtime around our valley…one minute sunny and hot, next raining and chilly, hail, then maybe a snow advisory….typical day. 
Well, I am going to go pull Kiki off the laptop so we can finish her Science Fair display…then we still have some school work, not to mention tonight is Kids Club and my turn to teach…..
Love to ya all!

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  1. Poor homeschooled children.  No socialization.  Boo-hoo-hoo / NOT!  The homeschoolers I know put more miles on their vehicles than anyone I know short of traveling salespersons!  You go girl!  I have read that homeschooled students on average score higher on SAT\’s and whatnot.  Poor things (LOL).
    We have had Bells since Monday morning because The Girl is on a business trip.  She comes home tonight but will be too late to pick up the sleeping toddler.   Truth be told I am burnt out!  AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    I hope that you get a chance to breathe very soon.  Just keep on reminding yourself that you are giving your dd a great gift by teaching her at home.  She will thank you some day.  Blessings, gail

  2. Hi, Ann!
    I hope your week slows down a little bit.  Just to let you know .. I was scared to post my opinion on the Imus subject.  Isn\’t it strange how this country has went from "having an opinion" to being frightened of being "politically wrong"??  Please, please, please feel free to say what is on your mind.  We, as bloggers and as women, have a right to say what we feel.  We have to transcend our physical color and get to know and love each other as people!  When we leave this earth, God will not recognize race.  He will recognize our hearts! 
    P. S.  You\’re more than a "white" girl … you\’re Ann!  :o)

  3. Slow down… smell the lattes.   :o)
    Been missing you… glad to hear you are ok, although busy busy. Maybe next week will be better.

  4. What – putting the house on the market??? Can\’t wait to hear more on that! 
    I hope the rat maze nets Kiki a grand prize at the science fair!!!! (it is a rat maze, right?)
    Perhaps your Thursday was more peaceful and serene!  Yeah right, you are a mom!!!
    Take care,

  5. Hi there..:)
    Just to let you know that Greg from GREG\’S BLOG QUEST has been nominated for SPACE OF THE YEAR at SHOF (Spaces Hall of Fame)  Honoring the best MSN Spaces.
    Voting has started.  Please feel free to link this graphic to SHOF from your Space.

    Have a great weekend!!

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