Just Some Passing Thoughts….On a Saturday

I haven’t got any one particular thing to write today, so I’ll just ramble a bit.  Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day, weather-wise – until just this moment.  It’s in the 70’s, and the sunshine was just pouring down…the kind of day you just want to lay in the grass somewhere.  Suddenly it’s become quite blustery, and has started to rain….it’s still nice, tho.
Later….Alan and I were sitting in the livingroom – the couch is in front of the windows, and a cool breeze was blowing in just before it started to rain.  We both agreed we could have just sat there for an hour.. I opened the window in my bedroom so the sheer curtains could billow in the breeze…somehow, that is a very happy sight for me, window curtains blowing….
Today seemed like a real Saturday.  The kind "normal" families have.  The house was clean when we got up (well, the main living spaces, anyway).  We made coffee and had a nice breakfast.  Alan worked in the yard while Kiki and I did some household chores, then we did a little project….I think we are so tired of the messiness of the house we usually run away from home on the weekends.  We spend Saturday at the mall or somewhere spending money we don’t have so we can "buy a little happiness".  As if that works.  But I really wanted to like my house for Easter weekend, so I worked really hard to tidy it up, and it seems to have worked!  It was a truly lovely day!
Alan is excited because he has now gotten four comments on how his lawn is so remarkably green and lush already, lol.  Around here, most lawns are still in winter dormancy; yellow-brown and sorry looking – ours looks so nice and is growing…he’s already had to mow twice!   (His secret is lots of fertilizer in the fall!  Don’t tell him I told!!) 
The project Kiki and I did today is – a rat maze. Yep, that’s right, a rat maze.  It’s Science Fair time at the homeschool co-op, and Kiki wanted to do something – anything – that would involve her pet rats.  So we made a maze out of a big box and cardboard walls, and she is going to intice them with different kinds of food to see what makes them go quickest.  At the beginning we nearly wrung each other’s necks, as she is the type to just jump in, (typical kid, I suppose) and I am the type to plan it all out then put it together….she was making me crazy!!!  We got it worked out though, and it will be fun to see how it all comes out.  After that ordeal, lol, we dyed our Easter eggs.  We found a kit this year that had food dye "paints" and little paint rollers, and you decorated the eggs that way….it was really fun! 
The last bit of the evening, we all went over to the church to help Alan set up the coffeebar for church tomorrow.  We have sunrise service at 6:45, then a breakfast before the regular services begin…Alan is in charge of coffeebar tomorrow, and you can bet people are going to be wanting their lattes early!  Well, it is time for me to go downstairs and put a little Easter basket on the table for my two special people before I call it a night….because morning is going to come quite early tomorrow!

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  1. It sounds like you had just a lovely day!  I so enjoy those first days of spring when the weather finally turns a bit warmer and the windows can be opened in my house.  We have had some nice days like that lately, too.  Spring is my favorite time of year.

  2. It does sound like a lovely day, though I\’d pass on the rat thing 😛 I\’m so thankful our science fair days are over; Sam went to a science & technology magnet school, so we had one every year for four years, while all other schools only do them once in 6th grade.
    Hope you all had a blessed holiday & will find some time to relax this week!

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