My dear, long-suffering husband

Sure, I use this blog to gripe about my spouse….it’s my venting spot, and I use it frequently!  The deal is this – if I gripe about him here, then I get it out of my system and – hopefully – I can be nicer to him in person because of it!  Sometimes, after I post and then re-read it, I can see a different perspective on the current dilemma – or, I can get a hint or two from you who leave comments, and it’s helpful.  He’s not really as bad as I make him sound here!  But, hey, if you are (or have ever been) married, you know you can drive each other absolutely crazy and you have to holler some place!  I figure better here than in his face, or in front of our daughter.  
Today, I am feeling a little sorry for him.
The man likes living in a clean house.  You can’t fault him for that.  I wish I had a wife who’d clean up this pig-sty!!  Since this week is Spring Break, I decided (as the only wife here, albeit a slacker one) that I’d get the house pulled together.  Guess what I spent the entire day doing today?  Reorganizing the linen closet.  The fact that it took me an entire day gives you a clue what a disaster it began as.  Now, there is a madness to my method – no, I mean a method to my madness…well, probably the first is more accurate….anyhow…. I had a whole laundry basket full of clean towels and sheets, a giant pile of blankets, not to mention Kiki has been sleeping for a week without a pillow case, because I couldn’t find one….so, I figured, in order to put the laundry away, there had to be a place to put it – right??  Poor Alan.  When he walked in the door tonight, the house looked every bit as bad as it did when he left this morning.  Probably worse, because my little tornado (aka Kiki) wasn’t properly restrained while I was "in the closet".  To his benefit, he said nothing.  I showed him the neat and tidy little closet, and he said "good job".  We’ll see how long before he decides strangling me really is the best way to a clean home. 

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  1. Oh heavens… I\’m lacking a wee bit in the organized department also… I can totally understand this! My husband never says anything one way or the other (thank goodness!) but never gets motivated to just jump up and do it himself either! Wonder why that is? I mean, that I work nearly as many hours as he does outside our home, and yet, I\’m the one that cooks, cleans, does the laundry, homework, bathtime for the girls … all of that stuff. It really just kind of sucks, you know?
    Anyway… feel free to rant as much as you feel necessary. This is YOUR BLOG after all! Go for it! It\’s like therapy here… just cheap therapy!
    ps. and yes… its a gardenia in the pic. I hope I don\’t kill it… it does smell DIVINE!

  2. This is too funny!  That is exactly the way that I clean.  I can totally appreciate your organized linen closet 🙂 When I get ready for entertaining it always gets worse before it gets better.  I keep going back and looking at the neat closet or drawer if I feel overwhelmed!  lol
    And I have several "helpers" undoing faster than I can do.

  3. I\’ve been missing you, Ann!  I\’m going to come back and catch up around your blog.  I understand about hubby-griping .. Im going through that right now, and I will see you in a little bit, honey!  (grin)

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