Why I Don’t Love Carpooling

A few weeks ago, our homeschool co-op got a couple new students…who just happen to live in the same town we do.  We live about 30 minutes from church.  One of the teachers gave the parents my name and ph# since we live in the same place and "might want to carpool".  Thanks, but no thanks…. and yet, here I am doing it….so far, I have picked up the other kids a few times, but they haven’t taken Kiki…it’s not that they won’t, just that I plan my trips into town to get errands run, so generally I need to go in those two days… besides, usually I meet up with my sis and we go to coffee… I don’t like having to be in charge of other people’s kids, mostly because I like the spontanaeity of deciding to do a bit of shopping after I pick Kiki up, or going over to my parents’ house; stuff I can’t do if I have someone else’s kids in my car to be taken home.   It also means I have to leave earlier in the morning, and go a bit out of my way… not a huge deal (except I get a marvelous 17 mpg…)  I said I’d do it because for the other family, it’s a necessity.  Both parents have jobs, and their schedules are such that some days the kids just simply could not get into school on time.  So I’m sure it’s a great deal for them; just not so much great for me.   Oh well, that’s what I get for being so dang nice, lol!  

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  1. Yeah, I don\’t like carpooling for the same reasons… you\’d think a lot of homeschoolers would feel the same way.  I guess some are just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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