Let’s see….it’s Wednesday….

I’m going to post the rest of my weekend pics…Pikes Market, Multnomah Falls, etc.  It’s sunny outside; I’d like to just sit out on the porch and do nothing.  How unusual for me to feel like doing nothing, eh?  You know what I really want to do?  Paint.  The walls, the furniture, whatever….my house is b-o-r-i-n-g.  But we’re talking about selling this house and moving….so I don’t know…. Why, you ask?  Do you have like, 2 hours??  It’s….involved……  Alan is part nomad, I believe….  Part of me wants to just get rid of everything we have, and start over.  Part of me loves my stuff and can’t bear the thought of parting with it…..We want something smaller, so our mortgage will go down…but, it’s not like we have a huge place now….so, we are looking to buy a shack, I guess….  It makes it hard, because I want to do stuff to this house, but not if we’re moving…. but I suppose I at least ought to clean.  Which leads me to the next bit ~
Why, Thank You Captain Obvious!!!   
We’ve been tossing this ‘house selling’ idea around for…months.  Nothing set in stone or anything, just thinking it thru.  About every other day now, Alan makes some kind of comment on how if we are going to put the house on the market, we need to clean.  Closets included.  Duh.  So last night, we were talking – again – and he says "you know, this house will really need to be cleaned up if we put it on the market."  My reply (which wasn’t nice, I know!) was something like "no s##t, Sherlock, where’d ya get the clue?!"…. Just because I’m not rushing through it the way he thinks I should, does not mean I don’t understand the point.  I want it clean whether I move or stay living here, geez!!  I’m working on it, already!  Then he didn’t speak to me the rest of the night….sigh.  I have a bad attitude, I know…. 

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  1. Sounds like you have the RIGHT attitude!  Tell Sherlock that cleaning goes twice as fast if TWO people are working at it.  Or did you make the messes all by yourself????
    Hang in there, the inspiration will come……

  2. That can be really hard, Michael can kind of nag me about things sometimes too.  I have to bite my tongue a lot and think, in the grand scheme of things is this seriously worth it?  I\’m not good at biting my tongue.
    I am so jealous that you were in Seattle.  I used to live there and I loved going to Pike\’s Place.  Oh, and Pirosky, Pirosky was one of my favorite places.  Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy.  Making my mouth watering talking about it.  There was also this place inside Pike\’s that sold every kind of tea imaginable.  Loved that place!  We\’ve had them send us tea before, gotta have it!
    Take care,

  3. Ann!
    You\’re back!!
    I kept popping by here to check on you and the stinkin page wouldn\’t open! But I\’m all caught up now…. looked at the pics even! Good luck on the prospect of getting the house ready to sell – if you decide to…. what a LOT of work that can be!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hey Anne!  I\’ve been checking in on you, but haven\’t had the time to post comments before the baby cried for me!  Sounds like a fun trip, minus spousal touchiness!  I hate traveling with something between my Heart and me… cause, of course you\’r going to have the wonderdful, light-hearted banter back and forth… but there\’s still something underneath.  Glad to hear he at least understands the importance of an apology, even one that\’s lacking, cause at least it opens the door!
    I would love to go to Seattle!  It\’s not terribly high on my list, cause it\’s clear across the continent from me, but it is there!  You did count something from each day as school day, right?  Even if it didn\’t cover curriculum, it must have been a learning experience.
    Hopefully I can check in more often.  How are your icky sinus problems going?  Maybe a move could help some of those?  As for the diet thing, the only time I am successful is when my Heart is right there with me, 100%… aqt least for the first few months and I get into a good rhythm… so I\’ll keep you and your diet sabatoeur in my thoughts!

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