Pacific Northwest Weekend

It was a lovely trip!  We all decided it would be nice to bring a playmate along for Kiki, so we invited her cousin H., the oldest daughter of my younger sister.  I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to go (she is homeschooled also, but her step-mom is pretty strict) but she did get to, and it was really good.  The girls are just over a year apart, age-wise.  They both are very much into "let’s pretend" so they get along great!   It gave Alan and I the opportunity to actually talk and be grown-ups, which was pretty cool.  The weather was beautiful on the drive, and on the first day there…the 2nd day was more of a typical Seattle day, very rainy.  The first day we went to IKEA….my fave store on the planet!!  Stuff-mart, we call it.  (Ever see "Madame Blueberry", the VeggieTale?)  Anyhow, like I need more stuff, but I just can’t help myself.  I cannot not go to that store!!  yep, another one of my addictions, like coffee….. I bought this lucite bird-on-a-stick…it glows blue at night….I mean, everyone needs one of those!!  Right?  The next day we drove on into Seattle, and we kicked around Pike’s Market awhile.  I hadn’t been there in ages, and H. hadn’t ever been (well, my sis and I went up when I was preggers and she was just a baby, but she can’t really remember that, ya’ know!)  Despite the rain, it was quite crowded, (maybe because it was St.Patrick’s day, and there had been a parade earlier in town) so the girls felt a bit overwhelmed…they still managed to find things to spend their money on!   This was the day we blew our diet!  You just can’t blame me, really….what with fresh roasted nuts and Piroshkies, I mean, really….you just have to eat your way thru the market!  I didn’t get my fried chicken gizzards, tho… you gotta draw the line somewhere.  We had plenty of fried foods when we had Chinese for dinner.  yyyuuuummmm….. That night after we put the girls to bed, we watched "Little Miss Sunshine".  I really liked the movie, except, honestly, if I had to hear the "F" word one more time, I think my head would’ve exploded!  I despise that word….. It seemed totally gratuitous, as well.  Why Alan Arkin got an Oscar for his role in the movie I will never understand… that one word was pretty much all he said… The other characters were good, and the point was good…. oh, well….. The drive back home was another beautiful day…a bit rainy, but not enough to ruin our trip to the Falls.  We arrived early enough for Sunday brunch at the restaurant, (an old stone lodge, very cool) and it was sooo good!   I actually had a Mimosa, and Kiki was enthralled (she heard about them from "The Incredibles", when Mr. Incredible was on the plane…) Then we saw several groups of  Bighorn Sheep on the cliffs!  I always thought the area looked like somewhere you’d see them, but in the many, many times I have passed that way, I’ve never seen any…how they can walk on a straight up&down cliff is just amazing to me.  Some were right next to the road – very cool.  Then we just cruised along in the car ’til our hind ends ached…Alan driving, the girls watching movies, me playing Solitaire and Mah-Johng on the laptop –  until we finally reached Home Sweet Home. 

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  1. Sounds like a great trip.  I agree about Alan Arkin getting the Oscar.  I really like him as a rule but think he got the award because he is "seasoned."  Very disappointed in the movie over all.
    Hope you are catching up.  gail

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