The Diet Saboteur ~ AKA my husband

So I’m trying to be serious about losing weight.  I mean, c’mon, I’m twice the weight I was when I got married.  TWICE.  As in I am carrying around a whole other person.  All day.  Every day.  Is it any wonder I am so freakin’ exhausted??!!  So I put my family on a very restricted eating plan.  Well, not Kiki, just Alan and I.  For her, I just want to cut out the sweets and junk food.  Now, I don’t want any lectures about ‘proper diet’ because I know there’s about a million ideas on this…I’m doing what I have to.  We have gotten so bad for so long, we just need to rein it in.  I understand healthy eating…I was a Weight Watcher for years.  (Oh, yeah.  I have my Gold Key, Lifetime member…should be revoked, I suppose!)  Anyhoo, that’s not the point…I’m am being reasonable, just very limited because right now, not being morbidly obese is the goal here.  So.  And.  Over the weekend, Sunday really, I got really sick again – horrible cough, sinuses felt like bursting…. Alan and Kiki go out to kick around, and when he comes home, he brings…cookies.  Not the kind he likes – the kind I like!  Ummm, thank you??  Then, last night, we go out to buy a scale…no, we haven’t had one in years.  Could be part of the problem?  We went before dinner.  But, it took us awhile.  Everyone was hungry.  I was firm – we are going home to our salad.  Alan was like "How about Carl’s Jr.?  There’s Jack in the Box…."  "Hey, there’s a McD’s up ahead…"  I was like No.  No no no.  So I was the bad guy
Update :  Just a few minutes ago, Alan called me.  First, to say not to work too hard today since I was so sick over the weekend, he didn’t want me to regress (good, ’cause I’m sittin’ here on my big fat bahooie typing this, lol!)  but then he said, he just wanted to thank me for keeping us on track last night, that he knew we’d all have been sorry and feeling sick had we gotten fast food for dinner.  Wow.  Every now and then, I get appreciated for what I do right!! 

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  1. It is sooooo hard to stay on track with a diet.  I say that with the thin mints open next to me.  Nice.  I\’m proud of you for working toward a lifestyle change.  It sure does a make a difference when you eat better.  It changes everything.
    The trip I went on was through my church.  A mission trip.  People go to word of life camps throughout the world though and you don\’t have to go through a church.  As long as you are a Christian you can go on one.  It lasts a week and it is awesome!
    You can check out Word of Life at!  Have a great, healthy day!
    Take care,

  2. Ann,
    I\’ll try to get back over here to comment on this entry – just have a minute right now but I had to come say….
    Thank you for your comment on my "weirdo" post. I\’ve been having a really lousy day today – one where I\’ve spent most of the day on the verge of tears for no stinkin good reason – and your words were exactly what  I needed to hear. Thank you for that.

  3. Well I found out yesterday that I have pre-diabetes, so I no longer have a CHOICE but to lose weight. Hubby kind of freaked out when I told him about it. When he asked if there\’s anything he can do, I said, "You can help me remember not to eat the sweets and stuff." So then he was getting all militant about it, so I told him he just better not embarrass me in public (you know, like shouting, "You\’re not supposed to have that! You have pre-diabetes!") — because he would do that. Anyway, my point is, that by having him "help" me out, it\’s getting him involved in a positive direction.

  4. I am the Queen of Excuses but I am just tired of the weight myself.  If you keep caring that has to make for something.  Keep making small changes and they always add up to more!

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