Fine Feathered Friends ~ and other pets I’ve had

A story Meg wrote over in her Garden reminded me of the birds we’ve had in our lives.  I am not a fan of pet birds.  I’m actually not a fan of creatures that do not have soft fur to pet.  To explain that more fully, let me say this ~ I love all of God’s creatures…birds, reptiles, whatever.  I just don’t necessarily want them all as pets!  Take snakes, for instance…they don’t bother me too much, but I refuse to have a pet to whom I have to feed other pets….mice, rats….I’d much prefer to just own the mouse or rat as the pet!  Outdoor domestic birds aren’t too bad…I’ve had chickens, who are cute, and we played with ours so they were friendly (my sister used to dress hers up in doll clothes, and take them around the neighborhood in the doll carriage!) plus, fresh eggs from free range chickens cannot be beat!  I’ve also had pet ducks, and they were funny.  But not in my house, thanks.  I was attacked by a big ol’ Scarlet Macaw at a pet store once…I was about, 11 or 12, and he was determined to get my ponytail holders off my head!  They had these big plastic balls on them… I still can’t walk past those guys in a store… Birds have a funky smell I just don’t like, not to mention the mess. When I was a teen, I had some finches…they were okay, but at night I wanted to kill them because they’d chirp all stinkin’ nite!   Then I had a lovebird….like I said, I love animals… I just had to own some types to realize I didn’t want to do that again!  He bit a lot.  My little sis adored birds.  She adored all the different sorts of pets…she had birds, lizards, a ferret….a three-legged cat…. She had parrots, she had a cockatiel (he was actually rather nice) and the last two she had were a Patagonian conure (I think)(it was mean) and a Cockatoo.  He was white with a coral color under his crest…I forget what kind he was.  He was actually a very sweet bird – he loved to be held and cuddled!  It was – weird, but sweet. It took a long time for my sis to convince me to hold him…he was big, like that creepy macaw….He’d run around on the floor with his head twisted up to one side, in a circle, til he got so dizzy he’d fall over.  Yep, pure genius,  that one.  He’d mauled some of my parents’ furniture, and ate practically an entire side off a frame of a large oil painting they had.  When my sister passed away, her husband found nice homes for them, and that was good.  My mom now has a canary, which that same sister had given her once.  It’s older than the hills, and looks it.  My mom worries one day she’ll find him dead in his cage…in fact, she can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet.  He’s got one eye that doesn’t open, and a growth under his wing.  Every so often, mom and I have to pull him out to clip his nails.  We hate doing this, mostly because it scares the poor little guy so much we’re always afraid he’s going to die during the process!  But, if we don’t do it, his nails get so long he gets them stuck on things…and that can’t be good for him either!  The bird still sings, but only if it gets really noisy in the house…he seems to prefer chaos.  He also imitates the phone, and he does it perfectly – gets me every time!  It’s pretty funny.  Her cat pays no attention to the bird…he’s an oldtimer, too, and knows it would just be too much effort!  Yesterday, my mother told me she was actually considering getting a cockatiel (someone she knows is looking for a home for a few young ones they’ve raised, I guess).  Yep, I knew it…my parents are getting goofy in their old age!  Well, maybe; maybe it’s just a connection to my little sister.  Hmmm…maybe I’ll get a…wait!  Noooo!  I want the birds outside… I will get a bird feeder!

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  1. *giggle* The macaw trying to re-arrange your hairstyle was funny in retrospect, & the spinning Cockatoo is a hoot!
    I\’ll stick with the outside birds (except Beatrice, of course, until se "accidently" escapes :P) I absolutely adore watching hummingbirds- my MIL once had a nest in her wisteria vines & we watched the single egg & fledgling with awe.

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