What are they teaching kids in school?!

Honestly…this is actually a funny story!  It sounds terrible, but if you’re like me, once you get over the shock you’ll be laughing!  Tuesday at the Co-op, Kiki’s class was cutting pics out of old magazines to make posters.  The teacher got a stack of magazines out of the Sunday School supply room.  (I didn’t know any of this info at the time…)  Tuesday evening, Kiki hands me this pic she’d cut out and because she thought it was "weird".  It is a photograph of a man swimming – isn’t that weird?? – just kidding.  Because of the angle he’s diving at, and the shadowing of the photo, it looks like he’s headless.  Not a big deal, but here’s the kicker!  She hands this magazine cut-out to me with the backside facing me…so, I’m not seeing a swimming guy… I am seeing a gallery of photos, all in lovely gold frames…all of naked men!!  And I’m not just talking booty shots, either!  Full on frontal…. waaay more detail than I want for Kiki!!  I mean, she’s seen anatomy drawings of men, but, reallynot the same thing!!  Trust me on this…I’ve seen the pics!  So I just totally flipped!! I was like "Where did you get this picture??  What have you been doing?!!  I was totally upset.  Then poor Kiki – she thought she was in trouble for doing something wrong, tho she had no idea what…she’d never even seen the picture I was looking at, she’d been so intrigued with the ‘headless swimmer’…I hand it to Alan, yelling "Look at this!  Look at this!!!!"  Kiki runs off to hide in her bathroom and cry….okay, so maybe I overreacted a bit….  Well, we all got calmed down, then the events of the day were explained, and I found out she’d never even seen the naked pics, and they were out of a magazine called "Art and Antiques"…well, okay, I suppose it makes sense and is all an innocent mistake….  Next day I showed the pic to the teacher and the principal…."Shock and Awe" I call it.  Well, we all had a good laugh (even Alan, altho he decided I was looking a little too long at them, lol)  Later on the teacher pulled out the mag to make sure nothing else was in there…of course not, my dear daughter finds the one unacceptable illustration.  The cause of the problem was discovered, tho…. one of the main articles in this issue was "Elton John’s Collections".  So there ya go!    

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh!  LOL   I would have been floored!  I would assume the person who donated didn\’t realize the pic was there… Elton John ~ leave it to him!
    Glad the headless swimmer was a distraction!
    Have a great day.

  2. I\’m sure I would have freaked out too! Thanks for stopping by my space.  I\’m feeling better now and making a few rounds this evening.  Have a blessed evening..

  3. OK, it\’s really not funny …. but then again, it is very funny! lol
    I\’m sure I would have been appropriately freaked out too, if it would have happened here. But – it\’s always funnier to hear it happen to someone else!
    Have a great weekend rest of your weekend!

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