I’ve Got SO Much to Say!!

I think I will put it in different posts, or you’ll get bored and quit reading!  Can’t be having that.  It’s a better day – I mean, hey, it’s noon and I’m already dressed!  Lol.  I also baked a batch of cookies this morning, to send with my sis, who is going to California to visit her son in college…I decided he really needs some of his Auntie’s homemade cookies!  Of course, that means I have to spend an hour of drive time (half hour each way) to drop them off at my sis’s… oh, well, that’s okay…I’m dressed, right?!
Kiki is actually downstairs doing her schoolwork….hmmm.  It will be interesting to see if she actually gets it done without me breathing down her neck….could be the start of something new!  She is also listening to Charlotte Church’s Christmas cd.  Well, whatever makes her happy!

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  1. I hope you have lots of good days! Sometimes staying in your jammies until noon is a treat… but when it becomes a fact of life – umm, there might be a teensy weensy problemo. I have been there, done that. Email me if you want to hear the story… too much info for here. But its ok, either way!  Don\’t feel obligated…  :o)

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