Hello Sunday

Hey Everybody!  I popped on to write a bit, but just realized it’s almost time to leave for our "home group" (Bible study, marriage group thingy)… just wanted to let you all know I am still here, tho!  I’ll try to do a little ‘blogwalking’ real soon….

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  1. Kiki is adorable, what a great pic!
    It can be hard to stay on task sometimes when you are a stay at home mom.  My best bet is scheduling.  I\’m sure when Lilla is school aged I will live and die by it or nothing will EVER get done!  Even down to housecleaning.  The laundry can pile up quickly!  Not quite 15 loads as there really is no room for it and I feel like the bedroom stinks when the laundry is full, but it doesn\’t take long when you are married to a 6\’1, 250 lb guy with humongous jeans he insists on washing every day.  Whew!
    Take care,

  2. Don\’t worry about the kitten you promised, cats are so easy they kind of take care of themselves. And kittens are just sinfully CUTE!  I would love to get another golden retreiver but I don\’t think it would be fair – we are never home.  The cats don\’t seem to care – as long as the food bowls are full and they can snuggle up at night.  Maybe I\’ll get one in my \’golden\’ years.  😉

  3. Well, thanks for taking a walk my way and for the sweet bonus of stopping in to say \’hey!\’
    I\’m really glad to hear that!  Our church has made a step that way recycling plastic.  Hey!  It\’s a start!
    Carol 🙂

  4. Hey Anne!  Just doing a little tip-toeing while Moira is intrigued in Bay Einstein!  Hope you are feeling better… have had you on my mind, even while off the computer!

  5. Well, I\’m glad to hear you love your dentist now! So many ppl tell us they hate us, always warms my heart to hear it the other way! Take care,

  6. Hey Ann!  I\’ve been away from blogland for a little while so I had a little catching up to do.  I\’m glad that you are doing well.  Believe me, I think that home schooling moms have the toughest job out there – not only full time mom and wife, but full time teacher and mentor.  What a challenging calling! Hang in there summer is only a few months away.
    I hope your week is filled with sunshine and blessings. 
    Love ya,

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