Getting to Know You…I mean, me…


“A daughter who won’t lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out stables.” — Samantha Armstrong

I stole the above quote from someone else’s space, because it totally describes my childhood!!

Now, here is a little list of "4’s", to give you a snippet of information about me…
4 jobs I have had ~  bank teller, sign artist&chalkboard design, data courier, espresso bar owner
4 places I have lived ~ California, Idaho, Utah, Washington
4 favorite TV shows ~ Scrubs, Rosemary & Thyme, Globe Trekker…and, yes, King of the Hill
4 places I have been ~ Victoria British Columbia, Cancun Mexico, Disneyland!, and….Kansas
4 places I visit (almost) everyday in Cyberworld ~ Spaces-mine and those of the friends I’ve met here, my email, rabbit tracks all over while "learning new things" haaha, ebay (don’t tell Alan!)
4 favorite foods ~ Ice cream, Chinese food, cold cereal, cheesefries w/fry sauce (can you see a problem?!) #5- Monte Cristo sandwich   yummmmm
4 places I’d rather be right now ~ a hot sunny beach somewhere, horseback riding, a coffeehouse with a good book, Disneyland
There you have it!  Eclectic and hungry.  Lol.

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  1. Veggie Tales ROCKS!!  Right now it\’s either "SUV" or "Larry Boy" by Shux that run through my head.  Thanks for swinging by yesterday!

  2. Chinese food – yummmmm!!!  Cold cereal if it is sweetened has my name on it!
    Hmmm… now I\’m hungry – darn you!  🙂

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