Alright, alright already!!! ~A Change of Plans~

So, Kiki will be singing her song ‘acapella’ once again.  I tried.  I really tried to get her some background music.  Since I’ve never downloaded music before (yeah, I know – I’m so early 90’s, lol) it was hard to even find what I was looking for.  Then, the snippet they let you listen to before you buy it wasn’t enough to know if it would work….well, it just doesn’t have an obvious enough entry spot for her liking.  If she would have been willing to practice a few times, it would’ve been just great.  However – that whole "willing" deal was a big issue.  She convinced herself at the very beginning that she’d never figure it out, and so really, at that point it was already a lost venture.  I finally just thought "What am I trying to do here?  Does it matter, really?"  No.  This is supposed to be a fun thing for her, and I guess my wanting to ‘make it better’ was just making it more difficult.  Ruining it for her, actually.  I think I was projecting my own feelings onto her…if I had to get up and sing, I’d at least want some music!  She, however, feels perfectly fine just up there all on her own.  More power to her, eh?  She hated me this morning, but we’ve worked it out!!  The joys of motherhood.

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