Lighthearted Fare…. Also, why I gave up Road Rage

First let me say that I am freezing !!  I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on, because it just costs too much.  So, it is…hmm, let me look…. 65 degrees in here – and that’s upstairs!  It must be about 60 downstairs….brrrr.  And I need to go down there and take a shower.  The water will be hot, right?  Yup.   Uhmmm….I’m bored.
bored   bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored  bored ….
Oh ~ Sorry.  I’m feelin’ a bit weird today.  More than usual.  Tomorrow is our Co-op’s Talent Show.  Kiki is going to sing a song, "Cry out to Jesus" by Third Day.  This makes me horribly nervous.  This will be her third year singing in the show.  The first year, she just did it acapella. She was great.  Last year she had a college student play guitar for her song, and he really messed it up, and therefore messed her up. This year I downloaded a performance track to a CD… it’s kind of hard for her to tell when to come in, tho.  I get knots in my tummy when she performs.  I mean, she sings fairly well; it’s certainly not fingernails-on-the-chalkboard or anything; but she’s also no Charlotte Church.  I just don’t know how she’d take it if she really messed up.  At any rate, she’s way braver than I ever was!  I would never have attempted it at all.  
Idiots, the lot of ’em ……
People around here have no idea how to drive.  I don’t know what it’s like where you live… when I lived in So. Cal. there was a lot of traffic, but it moved pretty well.  Bunch of morons up here, aparently.  "Merge" is a concept no one understands.  It used to make me crazy.  I ranted and raved at everyone (as if they could hear me, and maybe get a clue!)  It would go like this….someone pulls in front of me.  Right in front of me.  I would inhale sharply, do a sort-of cough-sigh then yell "IDIOT!!"    Then I had a baby.  After a while, she started listening.  And asking why people are idiots.  I began to feel guilty.  But kept on.  Finally, I knew I had to quit…..because, someone pulled in front of me.  Right in front of me.  I inhaled sharply, then did the cough-sigh…but, I kept quiet, and thought, there, that’s ok.  Until from behind me, my baby, who barely talked yet, hollered "IDIOT!!" 
I drive quietly now.  Maybe they are idiots, maybe they are just….ummm…distracted.  I just sigh to myself now, and let it go…breathe in, breathe out…..

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  1. Good luck to Kiki tomorrow on her singing performance.  I think it is a great gift to be able to sing.  Unfortunately, I wasn\’t given that talent.  Oh how I wish I could sing, though.  I love to sing.  It just doesn\’t sound very good when I do.  I just can\’t carry a tune.

  2. Let me just tell you how earlier today a driver would not let me merge and I started ranting and raving and then had to laugh at myself at how ridiculous I looked and sounded.  I couldn\’t help but think of Lilla and how I don\’t want her to think that type of behavior was positive or acceptable.  I need to stop too!
    Take care,

  3. Yep, Kiki is going to do wonderful.
    I like my SUV because I can just cruise.
    I am a polite driver but those who are rude cannot push me out of the way.
    Have an awesome (WARM) day, Greg

  4. Hi Ann,
    It\’s amazing how kids pick up on everything at such a young age.  I just hope they\’re picking up on the positive, too.  Sometimes I don\’t even realize what I\’m saying until I hear it coming back from the little ones.  Praise God we don\’t have to be perfect and He is forgiving—kids, too!
    I love your blogs.  Kiki will do terrific.  Singing is such an incredible gift to have.  Fortunately our four youngest appear to have musical talent.  Mariah is taking piano and voice lessons.  I\’m hoping to have our own Von Trapp family someday.
    My husband sings Elvis songs with Karaoke, however, I am NOT gifted in that way. lol
    Have great day!

  5. Opps – Convicted by our own words :S
    I\’m still guilty of this from time to time (thank goodness I don\’t commute!) & I hear Sam critiquing their driving habits & asking why this or that is wrong *sigh*
    You crack me up- hiding in church to listen to Kiki practice 😉

  6. Oh my gosh!!!  We are twins separated at birth.  My daughter said that same thing not too long ago in the car and I just looked at her and realized – she got that from me!!! 

  7. Can so totally relate to the merge thing.  Makes me want to scream.  I think all of us with kids have been there on that one.  My son, 16, just looks at me now when someone does something stupid.  I keep my cool most of the time, but other times I can\’t help but utter, "Moron."  lol

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