Berated for Blogging

Suddenly, Alan thinks I am spending way too much time online….I guess he is feeling neglected….because I’d rather do this than sit next to him watching innane TV??  "You need to rethink that blogging thing…you are spending hours online"  Yeah – so??  Today I told him I was going to do some stuff I needed to online (yes, that included blogging, but also checking email, typing up school board minutes, and balancing the checkbook…which, by-the-by, I did, and he’s not gonna be happy about that outcome either- sigh)  then I said I wanted to clean house…so he comes up here and says "Are you going to spend all day on the computer??  I thought we were going to spend some time together as a family."  Which is great, but I don’t remember this being discussed…in fact, I know it wasn’t…so, why am I in trouble??? Urrgh.

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  1. Eeeeewwww… sorry about that!  Sounds like something lurks underneath… hmmm… got a strong, silent type?  I\’ve been there before with my Heart, and there\’s always something else or additionally going on.  Keep your chin up.

  2. My husband feels the same way.  At least I can take my laptop out to the living room and sit there with him watching tv.  Although after Lilla goes to bed he just wants to veg out in front of the computer too and play games.  Fortunately, he\’s nice enough to take the desktop.  God love him!!
    Take care,

  3. Wow!  Sounds to me like you got a lot done.  My husband is always wanting me to balance the checkbook…
    I love to read our newspaper but the papers were stacking up \’cause I didn\’t want to throw them away until I was finished with them.  A year ago I solved part of the problem – clutter – by getting the online version of our local paper.  Now I have seven days to read the paper and then it is gone.   However, I escape into our office and read a couple issues at a time.  Then it\’s just checking a blog… or starting to journal 🙂  I don\’t usually get a chance to be on the computer \’til people are in bed so no one knows just how much time I AM online!
    Right now I am focusing on organizing my life.  I\’m cleaning out our attic of 20 years of clutter.  My husband says ,"get rid of the fluff" .  Maybe it\’s partly our health issues that are putting an urgency to this.
    Maybe it\’s having our little children.  I am cutting out TV in order to find the extra time in the day…
    My sister says that you start the day with a \’bouquet of roses\’  (energy, etc).  As you go through the day you are giving out your roses, so to speak.  When you run out you don\’t get any more until the next day.  That is why she says you have to be selective as to what you do with your limited roses.
    I thought this was profound.  When you\’re ill, you don\’t have much of a bouquet to start with.
    My heart tells me that you need to have horses in your life.  I think this is key.
    We had some when I was young.  (Black Beauty was one of my favorite childhood books.)  When we married, my husband said, \’horses don\’t make money\’ and he didn\’t want to deal with them, so we have never had them here on our farm.
    I love your stories about Kiki.  She reminds me so much of our Mariah.  (aka Drama Queen in the making)  I am going to get her involved in performing in the arts!
    God Bless

  4. yeah, yeah… I hear that too. Blah, blah, blah. Irritates me sometimes but for the most part I just ignore it. Because if I wasn\’t doing this, he\’d give me a hard time about whatever I was doing…. when I worked for hours everyday in the garden last year, he\’d step out on the deck and say "gosh <looking at his watch>… you planning on sleeping out there with the plants?" Or when I read a book, he\’ll say… "hey, you going to keep your nose stuck in that book all day?" 
    Whatever… just something to give me a hard time about. Most of the time, it\’s intended all in good humor – but it does get annoying after a while.

  5. It\’s situations like that when I am thankful I don\’t have a husband.  Ya\’ll keep me sane!  But, my kids do make the occasional comment like "you\’re always on the computer" even when I haven\’t been on it in days.
    I love the flowers your Kiki gave you 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh!!!  My hubby has said the same thing!  Probably 3 nights a week he says, "When are you going to get off that thing?"  He says that he\’s tired of hearing the tap, tap, tap of my nails on the keyboard!  Hmph!!!

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