Please Don’t Tie the Dog to the Doorknob (how I learned to be more specific)

Our dog is a little schizo.  I’m not sure why; maybe being stuck inside mama an extra day, brain damage due to lack of oxygen, ya know?  At any rate, she can be totally fine one moment, then something frightens her and she just freaks out.  You never know.  Maybe it was because of times like this… We got her as a puppy when we lived in Salt Lake City.  This was when Kiki was 3.  A year or so later, Kiki got into this habit of putting the dog on her leash and dragging her around the house…Oh, I mean "taking her for a walk".  Uh huh.  Poor dog, but hey, it didn’t really hurt her.  Then Kiki decided it would be good to tie the dog up so she couldn’t wander off… After we nearly lost a doorknob I told Kiki "you can NOT tie the dog to doorknobs!  That’s not what doorknobs are for!"  Silly me, I forgot to just say "don’t tie the dog up"… So, one day I was in the kitchen, Alan was…well, probably watching TV…and Kiki was "walking" the dog…it got quiet, and you moms know what I mean when I say I should’ve known something was up…all of a sudden, there is this crashing and howling and yelling and crying coming from the livingroom….Alan and I rushed out there, and here is the scene we came upon…. Kiki is sobbing, standing near the fireplace.  The dog is across the room, trembling, and attached to the dog’s leash is…the entire fireplace screen and one of the andirons….black soot and ashes are strewn across the pink persian rug… a huge gouge is in the hardwood floor where the metal has dug in, and the only reason the dog has stopped is because the fireplace screen is now hung up on the sofa so she can’t go any further.   The lesson I learned that day…when giving instructions to my child, I have to try to cover every possible angle, because if I only prohibit ‘A’ and ‘B’ you can be sure she will conjure up situation ‘C’….sigh.  I tell myself it is just the sign of a bright child, who can come up with all sorts of ideas….that makes me feel better than just thinking she can find all sorts of ways to get into trouble….!! 

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  1. Yes, BMS was a favorite little red pen addition on lots of my high school papers… glad to hear someone else had to re-learn that one when children came along.  Only my son tries figure out how to force me into that… yeah, that\’s what you got comin\’ with the pre-teens… even with good children! 🙂
    How was the party?  Bated breath again…

  2. Oh… duhhhh… I must have been updating my blog when you were and missed the feed.  Huh, go figure… my fool proof plan ran up against a fool… ME!  Glad it went well.

  3. I\’m glad the banquet went so well!  Good news!
    Oooo…the dog and fireplace story…not so good.  As a parent and home owner, it just makes me grit my teeth.  I guess that\’s what I have to look forward to.  Oh well, she\’s worth every cent I\’ll pay for the scraped up floors, banged up walls and broken dishes I\’m sure I will be replacing some day!
    Take care,

  4. This is funny… kids can be quite resourceful in hearing what they want to hear and improvising on the rest huh?
    Oh, and the coffee. Ummm, it\’s not pathetic in my book. I set up my coffeemaker the night before so all I have to do is stumble to the kitchen and turn it on. But.. now, I\’m thinking – H and E are totally big enough to do that for me!! What a BRILLIANT idea!! I\’ll let you know how it works out… hehehe!

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