I’ve got the Blues

I’m in a funk and I can’t get out.  I am not sure what my problem is; I have too much to do, and yet, here I sit.  Actually, I’d love to just go to bed.  Lately, I have felt like I could just stay in bed for…well, days, maybe.  I feel overwhelmed with all the tasks I desperately need to complete…or, start even…but as is typical of me, rather than dive in and just start something I take that feeling of being overwhelmed and let it engulf me.  So I sit in…well, my "mire" so to speak!  I want some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Because that would help, I am sure. 

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  1. Hi,
    Sure hope you can get back on track.  It\’s easy to get overwhelmed sometimes, especially if you\’re not feeling the best.  I have been enjoying your site for quite awhile (since you were featured).  I was drawn to your homeschooling.  I would really like to homeschool for so many reasons, but I\’m not there yet.  We have seven children (four of them are ages 7, 3, 2 and 1).  
    I hope to get my site up and going, but I am just starting out.  You are an inspiration to me in so many ways!  Praying for lots of energy for you .. oh and chocolate chip cookies or …………just the dough;)

  2. Ann,
    Sorry to hear about your blue mood.  I\’m a believer in chocolate to lift the spirt!  Let\’s see .. I\’ll list some positive things about you/your life….you have blog buddies that love you (check)  lovely family with adorable daughter (check), living in a beautiful valley with God\’s creation displayed so wonderfully around you (check) and still blogging and sharing your life with those who really do care about you (check).
    Sorry, I don\’t mean to make light of your mood.  Just remember… His thoughts toward you are innumerable and He loves you with a never ending love.
    Take care my friend,

  3. Oh, Ann, I\’m sorry.  I\’m right with you though.  I let funks engulf me too.  I think there was a 3 month period there at the end of last year that I spent mainly on my couch.  But, praying about it pulled me through (AND chocolate chip cookies!).  I also agree with Brenda\’s comment.  You have to just keep reminding yourself of your blessings and stay thankful.  We care 🙂

  4. Hello,
      I saw your  comment on Jacque\’s space… I noticed you homeschool.  hehehe.. I\’m a homeschooler too.  I\’ve just got three left that I\’m teaching now.   
      Oh.. you definately need those chocolate chip cookies.  I was in a downer mood yesterday.. my daughter made some chocolate chip cookies.. and it  DEFINATELY helped.. ehhehe… Take care.. Vallerie

  5. Well then, maybe you should start with a big batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  The nice thing is, they are really easy to make…yummy.  I particularly like the bagged ones from Betty Crocker.  They are really delicious and really easy. 🙂
    You know, I get that overwhelmed feeling sometimes too.  Then, I start to knock things off one at a time and suddenly I don\’t feel so overwhelmed anymore. 
    Take care,

  6. Hi Ann.  Thinking of you today and praying that the Son shines on your soul and that you know the length and bredth and depth of His love for you!

  7. Oh, Ann… I\’m sorry.  Feeling physically under the weather for so long sometimes leads me on to depression.  It just doesn\’t do any good for anybody to advise anything… I know.  Praying for you and thinking about you… it\’ll just take the first thing to help you get out of it… but that first thing is hard.

  8. Ann,
    For some strange reason, Spaces has not let me leave a comment here in the past day or two…kept locking up on me. Anyway, I\’m here now and I hope you\’re finding your way out of the funk. It happens to all of us, this too shall pass – given enough time and cookies! :o)

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