More Recent Stupid Stuff

It was pointed out in my comments that Dr. Phil says our brains don’t fully develop until our 20’s… which I suspect is totally true…however, even now there are times I forget to use the brain I have.  My excuse is that at least half of it slipped out when I had my baby and the doctor didn’t notice…I wish she’d have scooped it up and given it back…
I’m not as buff as I think ~  I like to rearrange my house.  I do it way too often…in fact, my mom says I’ve redone my home more in the three years we’ve lived in this house than she has in her whole marriage.  Sometimes it’s just moving the furniture around a room; I think it’s my creative side longing for an outlet…but a few times I have completely switched rooms… like, Kiki’s room began upstairs, then the front bedroom, then the back…I turned the master bedroom into our den for a while, but I missed having the big room so I changed those back…maybe it’s because I just don’t really like this house…it’s a nice house…I just don’t like it.. it doesn’t work for me, somehow.  It’s that ugly gold carpet.  I don’t care that it matches the dogs so the hairs don’t show – it’s still ugly…. Aaaanyway…it was in the midst of the most recent change, several months ago, that I decided the treadmill just had to be in our bedroom.  Had to be.  Because.  When I get in this mood, look out!  I can’t stop, and I must do things in the proper order!  Proper in my mind – it doesn’t have to make sense.  Well it was time to move the treadmill, and Alan wasn’t home…wasn’t going to be home for quite some time.  And I wanted it all done before he got home, to surprise him.  Oh, I surprised him alright.  Not in a good way.  See,  the treadmill is big.  And heavy.  And to get into the master bedroom, you have to turn into the hall, then turn into the bedroom.   The two of us had struggled to get the thing into the den.  What made me think I could move it myself??  Idiocy?  It’s in my bedroom now.  Of course, I have never used it since it’s been in there…I will….someday…. I’m going to post a couple pictures of the surprise my hubby found when he got home that day.  Yeah, I smashed the wall, and even our friend who has done some wallboard in his house says it’s too complicated for him to fix, because it’s on a rounded corner.  Better yet, it’s in a spot you can see from the livingroom…oh, you can’t miss it.  Brilliant

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  1. HA HA HA… too funny!! If your treadmill is remotely as heavy as ours…. I think, if all you got was a hole in the wall – albeit a BIG one you can see from the living room – then you did pretty good!!
    Funny, funny and very nicely written. I think there\’s a small chance we could have been separated at birth… seems like we think alike!  ;o)  I have several moments of feeling like Erkel – "Did I do that??"
    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh nooooo! 🙂 I often rearrange furniture and whole rooms myself.  So in that regard, you\’re not so different!  Or maybe we\’re a club of 2! Naaaa.  And I always move the couch with the hide-away bed in it… and don\’t you KNOW that thing is heavy.  I haven\’t tried to move it through a door lately (yes, did you catch that?  I have done it, just not lately).  Thankfully, my 11 year old son and daughter help me!  Cause it MUST be done before Daddy gets home.

  3. Sounds like something I would do.  I get mad cause hubby or kids don\’t move fast enough for me and try to do things myself resulting in disaster.  Been there, done that.

  4. Oops.  :oS
    I saw that stopped by my space, so I\’m visiting you.  I loved your story…makes me think of me.  lol
    Have a great weekend!

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