Hating the Insomnia

So, it’s the middle of the night, we have to be at church early, and I can’t sleep.  I hate that.  I’m exhausted, but I keep coughing.  The problem – well, among others! – is that I think the coughing is being caused by my reflux.  My medication used to keep it under control perfectly…but then my insurance wouldn’t pay for it, so I had to use another kind that didn’t work as well.  I got the ‘good stuff’ while I was sick – I just bit the bullet and paid full price for it – but it doesn’t seem to be working like it once did.  I keep hacking up this white foam….that can’t be good.  Then tonight, after I lay down in bed, I had to pop up to go pay a little homage to the porcelain god…that’s what my reflux does to me, but this med used to keep that away….crud.   Sooo, I will try to think of something interesting to write….

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  1. Well dag gone it!  If it\’s not one thing it\’s another!  Sounds a lot like what was going on with me, but it was definitly breathing related… super lots of foamy saliva that was practicly   white for all the little bubbles.  Threw up twice with this… just too much phlem on top of coughing on top of not being able to breath.  That was pre-allergist… now it\’s much better and I haven\’t had to use my nebulizer in a day or two… gotta love the steroids, benadryl, guafinasin… shall I go on?  Would send you some if I thought it would help! 

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