Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be the mom

I feel like all my entries lately have been entirely too serious, so I thought I’d take a little break – give you a little break!  Kiki has been on my last nerve lately, and I suppose it’s because I’ve only one nerve left that it’s been such a problem – so, I was trying to think back on funny little things she’s done, and I suddenly recalled all the times she embarrassed me completely…you know, the times all you can do is stand there as your face burns red, knowing there are no words at all that can ‘fix’ the situation!  
Too many movies ~ Kiki has always been a big dinosaur fan, so she loved all the "Land Before Time" movies.  She was about 3, and we were walking (well, she was in the stroller) to our local Starbucks for my daily mocha.  (I’m an addict, you know this!) Kiki watched her favorite movies over and over and over and…. she knew them by heart.  In her then-current fave L-B-T movie, there is a part where one little dinosaur makes a disparaging remark about another’s mama.  So, we are strolling along, and she is happily quoting line after line from the movie, with perfect inflection.  We are crossing the street, and just as a woman passes by us going the opposite direction, Kiki turns around, glares at me and says "Don’t say that about my mother!!"  
No, I swear, we are not prejudiced ~ Kiki was born and spent her first 3 years in the Seattle area.  I was so happy that she was growing up in such a culturally diverse area, so she would see and know all kinds of people.  (There is a distinct – uh, paleness to the area we live in now.)  So I always figured she wouldn’t notice the color of people’s skin, or other differences, because it was all around us, all the time.  I loved that.  Back then we weren’t as cheap as we are now, so we had cable, and we loved watching Animal Planet.  One night, we saw the coolest show all about gorillas.  It was very interesting, and really had Kiki’s attention.  Forward to a couple days later.  We are in the market, and it’s just about our turn with the checker.  The checker – a nice lady who we’d seen many times before.  The checker – a very dark black woman, with very short hair and a rather pug nose.  Kiki looks at her, and her eyes grew wide, and she smiled in a bit of an amazed sort of way…do you know those moments, as a mom, when you know something terrible is about to happen and yet there is nothing you can do to stop the rushing train??  Yeah.  She pointed at the checker, as as loud as she possibly could she announced "Look, Mama!  She’s just like a gorilla!" 
Why you shouldn’t keep nursing your baby until she is two ~  We have a history of food allergies and sensitivities in our family.  My younger sister almost died in her mid-twenties because of this (well, amongst other stuff…) When that sister had her first baby, her pediatrician told her that the longer she nursed her baby, the less likely that the child would have those kinds of food problems.   Later on, because Kiki  had a very serious reaction to some sort of allergen that they suspected was tree-nuts, my pediatrician suggested the same thing.  Through a serious of nick-names and mispronounced words, Kiki referred to the, uh, milk-giving glands as the "meem-meems".  Kiki loved the meem-meems.  One day, I am standing in line at Starbucks (yeah, yeah, I know!) and I am holding Kiki.  She was about 18 months old I think.  A nice older lady was standing just ahead of us, and began to speak to Kiki.  You know, "Oh, aren’t you a sweet little thing?" and "What’s your name, honey?"  Here is the reply… "My name is Kiki, and this is my mommy."  Then, she swings around to face me, grabs my, well, you know, one in each hand, and says – again, clear and loud – "and these are her meem-meems!!"

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  1. I can not stop laughing! 🙂  Children can be sooooo embarassing!  I think I must block those times out, though, cause I can\’t remember a one as well as you\’ve remembered three!  Oh, I KNOW they happened… I just can\’t remember them.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. that is too funny…enjoy those momments…it\’s just a little bit of life…no big deal.. 
    :o) smiles easy to give away they are free… :o) very contagious… :o) so pass one to anyone … :o) to people that you love… :o) and even to those you don\’t… :o) in no time the whole world will be smiling :o)

  3. Awwww… kids are so adorable!!!  We remember those embarrasing moments so fondly years later!  🙂  It is so cool to see the way their innocent, untainted minds work sometimes through the things they say. 
    I hope you\’ve had a great week!  I\’m back to (hopefully) regular blogging and visiting now that my hectic two weeks are over!
    Take care,

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a good laugh tonight!  Oh, and for reminding me why I need to seriously start weaning Lilla! 🙂
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Haha! I\’m starting to blog about all the funny things my kids have done! Its so funny sometimes! Tonight Trinity said something that pretty much tops anything any of the kids have ever said! You\’ll have to come over and check it out at
    Since I know you are a horse lover, I thought I would come by and give you a link to this cool video of a horse with a great sense of fun!
    Oh, and when you read about Trin, don\’t be drinking any Starbucks, you\’ll waste it on your monitor! LOL

  6. Ann,
    How funny – kids certainly have a way of embarrassing us… for me, its seems to be when they repeat something I said in a weak moment… and they overheard. For example, and this happened last summer – I frequent a local gas station where they pump it for you. Most of the men have been there forever and know me, as I go there all the time. One day, there was this new old guy… not the brightest tool in the shed. He held the gas cap thing is his hand as he started to fill my gas tank up, standing there waiting for it to fill up. Meanwhile, someone pulled up to another pump and he wandered off to start their tank filling. When he came back to my van, he had set down the gas tank cap and forgot where he\’d left it. He literally had to go around looking for it, while we sat there waiting. As he apologized for his mistake (once he located it and got it back in place), I realized the poor ol\’ guy didn\’t have a tooth one in his mouth. I was a little irritated that it had taken so long and muttered under my breath as we pulled away, something ugly about him being a toothless wonder. The very next week – as we pulled in and my youngest saw him strolling over, she yelled "OH great – it\’s the toothless wonder!!" Of course, the windows were down and I about died in embarassement, wondering if he heard her! It was my fault, shouldn\’t have said it to begin with… and have tried to do better! I had to turn it into a teaching moment, explaining my error in saying anything to begin with… lesson learned for Mom too! (sorry so long….)
    I nursed my youngest until 2, (knowing she\’d be the last one) only at night by then… she called them "nursies". It\’s a precious time in life – I enjoyed it immensely. But 2 years is long enough to be a milkmaid!

  7. Oh, kids are the greatest.  These stories need to be written down (somewhere else incase Spaces swallows them up!) so you can embarrass her in her later years

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