We’ve been missing our “T” dog

It’s funny how much impact a pet has on your life.  Last night, sitting on the bed right after we’d prayed, Kiki burst into tears.  Turns out she was suddenly missing our ‘bubby’ dog,  T.  She takes a long time to process stuff; after all, he died in September.  She also really thinks about stuff…she realized it took her longer to be sad about him because she was so focused on "now I can have a cat!"  (T. was a bit obsessive about cats, so we’d told her long ago she couldn’t have a kitten until we no longer had him.)  Then she burst into tears again, suddenly afraid that T’s death was her ‘fault’, since she’d wanted a cat so badly –  Did God let T. die so she could have her kitty?  No, baby, God doesn’t work that way…  Poor kids, you know their minds do work that way sometimes.  Then she got me crying over him…so we talked about the good memories, the things we loved about him, the silly stuff he did.  Every morning, he’d insist (chest down, booty up, tail wagging, barking) that I get down on the floor and play with him.  We’d rassle a bit, and I never worried that he’d actually bite me, even tho his teeth snapped awfully close sometimes.  He was such a bubbly, bouncy, full of life kind of guy.  I would definately say a bit of joy left our lives when he died.  Poor Girlie dog, she really hasn’t played since T. died… they used to chase each other and chew on each other every day…now she mostly lays around.  I take her to my parent’s and my sisters, but Girlie won’t play with their dogs…she mostly ruffs up her back hairs and growls at them.   So, now we are wondering if we should get another dog.  Kiki thinks maybe a dog would be better than a kitty.  (We promised her she could have a cat now, as soon as the weather warms up so it can go out to do it’s business…no more housecats for us.)  She asked the other day if she could choose a dog instead, and Alan and I are all for that.  Because I think Girlie is lonely, and probably a dog would be a better friend.  But, then there is that whole puppy deal….yikes.  It’s so much work.  And, what type of dog do we want?  What would be the best "fit" for our family at this point?  Shoot.  I just wish we could have T. back.  Dang it.  I miss the old guy.

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  1. It\’s pets like T., and my late, great kitty Reepicheep, that make me want to believe good pets go to heaven.  Poor Kiki.  Have a great weekend, Ann.  gail

  2. It\’s so hard to lose a pet.  They truley become like member\’s of your family.  It is such a strange thing. 
    Take your time picking a dog.  I think mutts are great, they don\’t seem to have so many of the oddities that come with full breads.  We have a beagle, and if we had done more research about them we never would have gotten one.  They are so sweet and so cute, but very disobedient and single minded.  It drives us crazy when she is on the "hunt" for anything.  We can\’t break it.
    Anyway, I wish you the best in picking just the right one!

  3. If you don\’t mind I\’d like to make a suggestion.  This is what we did with our last dog.  We went to a no-kill shelter and picked one out that fit us.  Her was 18 mo old so already house broken.  His owners had to move and couldn\’t take him with them.  We then took our older dog out to the shelter so that the 2 of them could meet and make sure it was a good fit for them also.  There was no puppy house training to go through and my older dog had a companion.

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