Going to see the Witch Doctor

Maybe it wasn’t quite that bad…I went to see an herbalist yesterday.  I am just so stinkin’ tired of feeling miserable!  The xray revealed nothing…my lungs are clear and normal.  Okay, that’s great.  Yet, I hack up gick??  My doctor said to double up on my reflux meds, as maybe that was the cause of the coughing… I think not.  I know what that feels like, and this isn’t it.  I’ve always liked this particular doctor, but I think she’s grasping now.  Well, a friend-of-a-friend goes to this herbalist, and swears by him.  I’m not sure his ways of ‘diagnosing’ are quite…well…normal… but the friend swears the only reason she has her intestines still and not ‘the bag’ is because of him…and I’ve gotten good reports from another gal about him as well.  I figure it can’t hurt me to take some healthy immune-boosting herbs and other stuff….so I spent over $100. yesterday…
Alan and I both have been praying so much, wondering why I’ve been so sick, and why it’s dragging out.  We’ve both gotten the feeling that perhaps the Lord is saying "it’s time to quit talking, and really change your lifestyle".  Sooo…I am doing something totally different….after all, I am 45 years old and already on 3 different medications…that’s crazy.  Because, most of my problems stem from poor eating habits.  I will certainly keep you informed on my progress.  I hope I have some progress.

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  1. This is actually something new I\’m trying too.  Not going to an herbalist, but trying some remedies that are not the norm.   A lot of people at my church swear by them.  I have the gunk is my lungs always and my doctor wants me to be on maintenance meds, which I refuse.  I just don\’t feel like it\’s all that good of an idea so I\’m trying some new things. 
    You\’ll have to let me know how it works for you!

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