Don’t you just hate that??

This morning, I called my doctor, because she wanted me to let her know if I was still coughing up yellow/green crud after the weekend…and I am.  Yeah, that’s gross, I know…how do you think I feel??  So she asked me to go in for a chest xray.  I asked if I could go in tomorrow, after I drop Kiki off at school.  She was like "Can’t you go in today?  I’d really like you to get it done ASAP."  Oh! So then you start to get worried, like maybe it’s something serious…so, I went right in.  That was before noon.  I called the Dr’s office at 4:30 because I hadn’t heard anything yet, and the nurse said they hadn’t gotten the results yet, but they’d call as soon as they did.  It is now past 6pm, so I’m thinking they aren’t going to call… so, was it really that urgent??  Do these doctors ever think about what they put their patients thru?  Great, another sleepless night….even the cough syrup with codeine isn’t knocking me out…dang. 

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  1. Yuuuuuck!  Can you say bronchitis, boys and girls?  I do hope not!  Is she giving you stuff to get it coughed up and out?  Mine is not currently like that, but I have been there.  If you really want to swap cruddy phlem stories, I do have a few… and they\’re truly 11 yr old boy – rated gross!
    Dr\’s… arrrrgggggg!  I really just wish we could take it upon ourselves sometimes to do the web md search and medicate ourselves… course, that might not work very well… but at least I\’d feel a little more in control… maybe? 🙂
    Take care of yourself!

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