A Clarification on the “Clothing Issue”

By the comments I’ve received, I think I led you all to believe that I dress Kiki in little frilly dresses with lace bloomers or something!  Trust me, she is very strong willed and opinionated, and she has been choosing her own outfits since Kindergarten.  She definately has a style of her own, even if there are days you can’t really figure out what that style is!  (She would wear her pink Phat-Baby roper boots with everything if I let her, but that is more lazy than style-conscious…she hates tying shoes!)  For the most part, I let her wear whatever she has chosen for the day (and she always shops with me, and chooses the items she wants) unless the outfit is just totally wrong for the event, or she looks really bad – like, a tight t-shirt and tight pants just don’t work together for her, and I try to find the kindest possible ways to tell her another combination might be more flattering… Yes, when we shop I try to sway her toward items that I consider appropriate for her age and body shape…skin-tight polyester just doesn’t cut it for her.   And, as someone alluded to in a comment, I won’t let her dress like a mini street-walker, and I can’t understand parents who do.  Beyond that though, she can choose and wear what she wants, and she has been for a long time.  She has always been the one who doesn’t want "belly shirts" or to dress "like a teenager".  So, it’s not that I am unwilling to let her dress ‘fashionably’ or whatever… it was more an issue of why all of a sudden does she care so much that she is "cool", and what is it that she thinks makes the other kids "cool"?  It was just that deal, that, I have tried so hard to raise her to be her ‘own’ person … I guess I wasn’t ready for her to be at that stage, as someone else said, that she wants to "be her own person" by "being like everyone else".  I know, we all went through it at some point …it’s not some slam against my parenting…hey, cut me some slack, I’ve been sick for practically a month, I guess I’ve been feeling a bit sensitive!!   Does that all make sense?  I think the drugs I’m on are making me ramble…a bit….sorry!!   

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  1. My girls all drive me insane.  They all must have their own tastes, style and colors, even my 8 year old (but she wears alot of hand me downs)and they even want to shop in their own stores!!!  Most of the time I am in Old Navy returning and purchasing stuff.  Thank Goodness, all of them have uniforms at school or it would be 10 fold!  Blessings in the New Year!

  2. Ohhhhh… I am sooo sorry I ranted earlier!  I regretted posting so harshly on your comments all dday long… I have never even had that problem with the clothing except from a distance with friend\’s children.  And I know, know, know that was not the intent of your post… I just got off on a limb and didn\’t crawl back in until after I had hit the magic (and Undoable) ADD button.  Me and my big mouth.  Sorry and thanks for visiting my wonderful life (as always!). 🙂

  3. I think you are being a great mom to care.  It really drives me nuts when parents don\’t care.  When I see an 8 year old girl wearing a really short skirt and half shirt, I have to think, "What are these parents thinking?"  I mean seriously, someone is buying these kids clothes.  It\’s crazy.  So, way to be a great mom that cares!

  4. I completely understand 🙂  I refuse to let my girls dress above their age.  They are only kids once and they shall act and dress like kids!  Have a great day!

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