Oh, Heelies, how I hate thee

What do you do when your child truly believes they must have some particular item, for which you can see absolutely no purpose??  Kiki is absolutely dying for a pair of Heelies.  For you not "in the know", they are like Athletic shoes with a rather bulky rubber sole, in the heel of which you can put a little skate wheel…so you can sort of rollerblade on your heels.   I think they are stupid.  They look absolutely clunky to walk in – the child basically has to walk on their toes – then the kids run and pop up on their heels to ‘roll’… I have been nearly run down more than once in the market or mall with these things.  Most parents probably wouldn’t let their kids wear rollerblades or skates to school or church or the store, but everyone seems to think Heelies are for everywhere.  Our Sunday school leaders and School principal have been telling and telling the kids not to wear these because they are totally trashing the gym floor, but the kids just keep on doing it.  "They’re just tennis shoes, I don’t have to roll on them"  True, but you are rolling on them!  So, I think they are absolute rubbish – she has tennies, she has rollerblades, she’s good to go.  But she says "everyone" has them (yeah, ah hah…I’ve heard that before and I don’t care!) – but, seriously, she is one of the two in her classroom of 15 that does not have them.  Which makes me wonder about the sanity of the other parents,… I mean, these little suckers are expensive, too…they are like $60 – $70.00… not to mention the sheer annoyance of them!   Of course, Kiki only mentioned these a week before Christmas, and that was because she found out her cousin was getting them (thank you sooo much, people!) and I have mentioned how competetive Kiki and this cousin are…. and of course, everyone in class got them for Christmas, too,  I swear, she’s even counting people in the mall who have them, as we are shopping….It was too late at this point, I’d already bought her Christmas gifts…and, I don’t know if I’d have gotten Heelies anyway, as I despise them…but, maybe I just don’t get it.  I’m not a "tween" and I don’t want them, but I am sure I wanted stuff my parents thought was dumb… now, I’m not for getting her stuff just because ‘everyone else’ has it, but am I being…stuffy?  Non-understanding?   Then she has started saying how her cousin and other friends have clothes that are much ‘cooler’ than her own clothes.  She did say she knows she has nice clothes, and she likes them, but they are more "cute" than "cool".  Which I have done completely on purpose, thank you.  She’s a little girl, dang it, not a teeny-bopper.  So, she’d like to go and "maybe get some cool clothes…"   Uhg.  My little girl is growing up, and I am so not thrilled about it!   I mostly just want her to be her own person, not to have to follow the crowd…how do you teach that?  To be yourself, not a carbon-copy of everyone else out there, dressing how ‘they’ say you need to?  Ah, Parenting….it’s not for wimps!!

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  1. There\’s no way in heck I would buy my kids Heelies. I agree, they are stupid. I say, get some cool clothes and forget about the shoes.
    BTW, wanting to dress fashionably doesn\’t necessarily mean she\’s being a sheep. Right now, she\’s dressing as a mama\’s girl, and which is worse??? My 8-year-old has a very keen sense of fashion, and she dresses very well, for her age, and I\’m actually rather proud of her. I like that I can afford to buy her the kind of clothes that my parents never could afford for me. I also like that she can be proud of her clothes at school, not ashamed (and believe me, most of them are second-hand!). I\’m not the kind of mother who pushes her kids to be popular, but I also believe in letting them choose their own tastes. For my 4-year-old, right now that means wearing clothes that are too small and don\’t match. 😉

  2. Heelies were a no-no around here the first time they came out- just look at the way the kids contort their feet to "ride" those things- it can\’t be good for their tendons & feet! Actually, it became a non-issue real quick, since that was the year Sam broke his leg- he was negociating crutches for months, then physical therapy. Stand your ground, girl- they don\’t have to get everything they want 😛
    There is cool & there is appropriate- you can let her choose her style, but within guidelines (I do have to mention that this was a hugh point of contention with my dd- she wanted sexy & revealing, but I wouldn\’t go for it, even when she was buying her own clothes- several things got thrown out!) Part of it is the age, part is "the grass is greener in someone else\’s closet" syndrome- try not to sweat it too much.

  3. She\’s just at that age: I want to express my individuality by dressing just like everybody else. They don\’t get the irony. I wasn\’t like that, so I have a hard time understanding it in my kids, the few that do that, anyway.
    Just tell poor Kiki that wheelies are out and not up for discussion, but maybe give a little in the wardrobe department?? Or just stand your ground, she\’ll come through just fine, or she\’ll think you were wrong and go the other route with her kids, hehe. Don\’t we all have an area we do that in??? LOL

  4. Whew glad my daughter is not asking for those.  She would break her neck!  I\’ve seen kids at Disneyland told they can\’t wear them because they consider them skates!  Good luck with that friend!

  5. I bought my son Heelies and he loves them.  He has so much fun in them.  He wears the Heelies while I walk the track.  This way, he keeps up with me and he\’s being physical.  He never wears them to church or school.  Yeah, they are annoying, but aren\’t all the video games, basketball bouncing in the house, etc.?  My view is the trend will wear out fast enough.  They are only kids once 🙂  He\’s not wanting to wear the tight skater pants, wanting a mohawk, or something negative like that so the shoes are fine by me 🙂
    As far as the clothes go, I did the same thing with my Mom.  She sewed every article of clothing I wore until I was 10.  Of course, they always looked better than the store clothes so I didn\’t really care, but they were \’cutesy\’ little girl clothes.  When I begged to wear store-bought clothes so I could dress like the other girls, my Mom knew that I was trying to assert a little bit of independence (mainly from her).  My Mom and I were so close and did everything together. Thank God she allowed me that little growth.  That was when I first gained a little \’me\’.  She bought me some store-bought clothes, but I also still wore hers too, depending on my mood.  She is still my best friend. 

  6. What is up with these heelies?  Weren\’t they, or somethng like them, out in the 80\’s too??  I don\’t remember… anyway, Sam wants them too.  He\’s even willing to use his own money to get them.  "You have to talk to Daddy"…  I don\’t care much for them either.
    Clothes… that\’s another thing I don\’t get.  What is up with dressing "tweeners" as if they are bar hopping?  I\’m sorry… I don\’t mean to offend anyone who is reading your comments, but I just don\’t get the disconnect between what we let our daughters wear and the ideas they get in their heads about sexuality at later ages.  As for me and mine, I let my daughter choose what she wants to wear and it has all remained pretty conservative.  When they were little I did a lot of "no-ing" with all of the Disney character shirts, shoes and everything in between and I also commented loudly about what I didn\’t like in the older clothing.  It rubbed off.  They do get some of the character t-shirts now, but I am proud to say none of the "sexy me" type worded clothing has caught on with them.  Yes, maybe manipulation, maybe just leading as a parent.  However you want to see it, I say go with your gut and decide for yourself what you can and cannot allow for your daughter… she is still your responsibility, no matter what the "village" (and her peers) think.
    OK, I\’ll step away from the soapbox now… sorry. 😦
    Have a good day!

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