Cough, Hack, Wheeze… I need a Healthy New Year

Yesterday, I told Alan I thought I was dying…he said, you know you aren’t, you just wish you could.  Totally.  I am sick of being sick and I have no one to blame but myself.  My physical condition is appalling.  It’s no wonder my body can’t fight off any germ that happens to pass by.  I went to the Dr. today, and I have bronchitis…which is better than pnuemonia I suppose, but feels basically as crappy.  At first she was concerned that I did have pneumonia, but after putting me on the breathalizer (heehee, not really, it’s a…a…oh, shoot, I can’t think of what it’s called, it’s this electric inhaler thingy that forces medicine into your lungs to loosen them up so the Dr. can hear them better)  anyhoo, I "just" have bronchitis…yeehaw.  I am going to be completely honest, here… I am freaking out over the state of my health.  Seriously.  Lately, I have been looking at older people who are on oxygen, cruising around on their motorized chairs, and thinking "that is going to be me if I don’t clean up my act now".  It’s a horrible thought.  I know, I know, it’s all up to me…eat right, exercise… I’m not an idiot… I know what needs to be done… I’m just mental… I have issues.  If I was, percentage wise, as underweight as I am overweight, I’d totally be anorexic and being rushed to be under a psychiatrist’s care.  Or I’d be dead; I don’t know, can you weigh 65lbs at 5’2" and still be alive??   Yeah, it’s that  bad….My body is a wreck, and I’ve been doing the wrecking.  I come from a very healthy family.  Every time I look at my sister I want to slap her ’cause she’s so slender.  (as if it’s her "fault", I know…)   So why does everyone look at me and think "geez, lady, just go on a diet already"…why doesn’t anyone rush me off to the shrink??  Because that’s what I need, I think.  Here we go loopty doo, here we go looopti -dee….   Yup.  Soooo, I’m hacking up a lung, and you should hear the amazing, strange sounds that are coming from my throat!  It’s like, weird, I don’t know how to describe it… last night, it sounded like I had a basket full of mewing kitties in my chest.  I couldn’t sleep, not because of the coughing but because of the cacophany of sounds emanating from my throat whenever I exhaled.  It’s just…freaky.  Oh, my friends, I need you all to pray for me!  I seriously need the Lord to jump in here and intervene…it’s quite obvious I cannot lose weight on my own strength.  I need to do the work to get my "temple" repaired, to renovate… and it would seem the workmen are on strike.  
Well, I told Kiki we could lay in my bed together and watch a movie (and, no, I don’t have a TV in my room, I am totally against that…but we can play it on the laptop…) "Santa" put a DVD of "Flight of the Navigator" in my stocking (anyone remember that movie?)  so we will watch that.  I hope everyone is feeling healthier than me!!  Take care of yourselves!    

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  1. The word you\’re thinking of is "nebulizer." 🙂 We have one, thanks to a weird wheezing thing my son had once.
    I\’ve totally been against dieting all my life, but something had to be done, so I made a very modest goal of losing 25 pounds this year, or 2 lbs./month. So far, so good. It really helps me to write down everything I eat — very eye opening! I never thought I\’d do it, but I guess I reached my limit. I keep a blog of it at Good luck!

  2. Hey, Amy- sorry to hear you have been so sick. I\’ve been holding up in prayer- trust it will come in time, this desire & ability to move forward.

  3. I soooo know what you mean on the hacking and coughing… I have meant to blog-share on that for a few days, but I just have not managed to do anything with my blog.  Mine is due to allergies, though, so a little different.  I went ahead and bought a nebulizer a few years back because I always seemed to need one… just tell me to shut up already and go blog on my opwn space! 😉
    If sugars and refined products are a real problem for you, you might want to check into one of the low carb diets.  My husband and I did Adkins and it worked fantastically… but everybody in the family had to do it (or some variation) for it to work for me… just warning you.  And it actually becomes very easy to work with after a few months.
    Good luck!

  4. You are welcome.  Thank you for your lovely comments, and I am looking forward to reading how things go, when you are feeling better.  Since I have always had ear, nose, throat issues, with bouts of bronchitis, I can relate too well to what you are going through. Being asthmatic, with inhalors, medications, and having to learn to take better care of myself, I haven\’t had the bronchitis for a good while, although allergy congestion tends to be a reoccurring problem.  I will be praying that you get well quicker than normal, suggest a vaporizer in your room to help dredge up the congestion (I imagine you are on antibiotics for the infection) in the chest.  This will also help with that cotton mouth dryness medications give, that make you cough even more, and your body wrack even harder.  (They do put mucus softeners in some medications, but they can make you too runny nosed, instead of too dry, and having more moisture in the room helps balance things out.)  That machine you mentioned, has been a good friend of mine, for many years.  =) 
    I will also be praying for you on the other issue you mentioned, and will be dealing with myself on the same issue, this year.  When we moved up here to be with mom, and be retired, I was giving myself a year, or so, to adjust to all the changes and get settled in, while dealing with health issues, and one of them being JUST BREATHING WELL.  We put in an air-filtration system which has helped, and it has a humidifier in the system, that really does work for me.  Now I need to get more active, which was a natural part of teaching, and kept me moving and organized, mentally and phsically.  Anyway, please pray for me, as I pray for you, in that area.  Food wise, I don\’t over-eat, make healthy meals, and watch my sugar intake, because it makes me ill, not to do so.  What I have to be, is more active and scheduled (disciplined).  Anyway, the Lord with help us both, and it is such a blessing to be able to pray for one another.  God bless you!

  5. I\’m working backwards tonight – I may as well keep leaving my comments on all your blogs!  This one especially spoke to me.
    I have been up and down in my weight and for me, I find that the consequences of poor eating habits are not serious enough motivation for me to change them.  I feel guilty when I eat 6 macadamia nut cookies (like I did earlier today) and then guilt myself into getting on the treadmill just to erase the bad choice.  (Well, I didn\’t get on the treadmill today so I guess I didn\’t feel soooo guilty) I keep thinking that tomorrow or next week or next month I will get serious and somewhere find the motivation that I need to start making healthy choices.  I rely so much on convenience (fast food) that I have caused my daughter to take on the same weight issues that I battle.  I feel so guilty for that!
    I will pray for you – I know this is a tough battle but you can do it! 
    Take care,

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