May I borrow a fork? I need to eat my words.

Never in my life have I enjoyed a football game the way I enjoyed this one!  Maybe it was the big screen TV…maybe it was being surrounded by a bunch of hilarious people, most of whom actually cared about the outcome of the game… whatever it was, I found myself completely caught up in it.  Maybe, because I know how totally crazy the people in my valley love our college football team, and how much it mattered to them, if not to me.  I don’t know; but in retrospect, I realize one reason that I don’t care to watch sports is because I do get so wrapped up in it, that it begins to really matter…I seriously had a stomach ache by the end of the game!  We won by one point, in overtime…. I was actually up on my feet, yelling, cheering… geez, what a nut I am!  Of course, I am also a big supporter of the underdog, which we were, so I always enjoy a bit of the "ha-ha, in-your-face" kind of thing!  (perhaps a New Year’s resolution should be ‘work on attitude’?)
I’ll be back later to give you all a run-down of my ‘very thrilling’ (think sarcasm here) New Year’s Eve and Day… but right now, I have some Christmas money that is just begging to be spent, so Kiki and I are going shopping! 

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too!
    We are so not football people, but get sucked in during the "Big Games" & I usually end up rooting for the underdog, too 😛
    Hope you had a great time spending your fun money!

  2. Ann – Yeah team!  I\’m not a sports nut but I can sucked into getting excited about almost any team if my hubby and kids are cheering them on! 
    Can\’t wait to hear about your very thrilling New Year\’s Eve/Day!  🙂
    Glad you are back!

  3. Forget getting rid of the "in your face" attitude of New Year\’s. It sounds like such a charming characteristic! 😉
    Hope you enjoyed shopping! I did not do much after Christmas shopping, except for a brief run in at Gymboree. I walked in to return some baby shoes that were too small for Jellybean and I walked out of the store with none less than SEVEN pairs of shoes for the girls. Not one or two or three, but SEVEN! They were such a good price (ranging from $1.50 to $10 a pair), how could I resist?
    😉 Michele

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