Oh, Shoot….

I was just getting settled in to write an awesome blog entry – a great literary work, if you will – then Alan just yelled up the stairs "it’s time to go!"  Well, pooh… we are going to a get-together at a friend’s home, to watch an all-important football game (yuck, bo-ring).  I suppose most of the gals will just sit around and talk, and I’m all about that… it just seems like, right at the moment, I’m a little ‘peopled-out’, so to speak.  I would rather just have a bit of quiet time.  Do you ever feel that way?  Call me Scrooge, the Early Years, I guess…. 

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  1. I wanted to wish you a happy New Year!  I too joined my husband to watch the game, I\’m not into football much but I thought it was a little exciting, the whole David and Galiath thing.  I have to admit I did cheer once or twice:)  LadyHawk

    Hi, Ann!~  Happy New Year, doll.  May you and yours have peace and happiness this year.  Come by and see me sometimes, and I will do much better for you.  Take care, love!

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