Just a Quick “Hello”

Okay, I should totally be in bed right now, because we have to get up at the butt-crack-of-dawn tomorrow for church…everyone wants to go to first service…8am…means we have to leave at 7:30… do you realize how early I am going to have to get up??!!  Uch.  Well, so far M-i-l’s visit has been really good!  She didn’t even get upset the night we left her home with Kiki because Alan’s bosses had invited us for dinner (sort of a thing we couldn’t really turn down, ya know?)   We’ve had some real nice chats, I’ve had food in the house, I even moved the rats upstairs so she doesn’t have to look at them.   Poor little ratties, they are missing their nightly "excursion" around the den while we watch TV…  Today we went to the mall, and that was ok, too.  Not my fave, but I had a good time people watching while M-i-l was buying some clothes.   Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping…just not at the mall.  Our mall, anyway.  It leaves a bit to be desired.  It’s improving, tho.  Then she treated us to lunch at the brand-new Cheesecake Factory….picture me drooling, here….  it was all soooo good!  A ton of food… Kiki and I split a meal, and we still brought home enough to make a full meal tomorrow!  Well, she is going home tomorrow night about 6pm, I believe.  In the morning she is going to church with us, which is a huge deal!!  She is a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic, and always, always goes to the local Catholic church when she visits…this time, she told us she wants to go with us!  Which is just totally cool.  Not that I have anything against the Catholic church; it will just be cool that we are all going together for the first time ever.  I hope our hand-raising and clapping and stuff doesn’t freak her out…hey, I was raised Lutheran, which is not a far cry from Catholic, and I remember the first time I went to some "crazy-holy-roller" church!!  Heeheee.   It was years before I was willing to try that again!  Our church is actually pretty mild – but not when compared to Catholic!  Well, I better go plop myself in bed, or it’ll be super nasty to get up in the morning! 

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  1. eeewwww early service! 🙂  I\’m a Sunday School gal myself.  I could take or leave hearing the preacher, although ours is very well spoken and has the spirit to match.  I just prefer to be able to talk back.  What\’s that?  You would have never guessed? hehe
    Added your blog as an RSS to my blog… that way I know when you\’ve posted! 🙂  I wonder if that kind of thing will lead to more readers? hmmmm
    Have a Great New Year\’s Eve night… without the entertaining, you will hopefully be able to let down and enjoy!

  2. http://wideawakewesley.spaces.live.com/
    Go to this guys sight…. he has a whole list of how tos on the right hand side.  He\’s pretty easy to follow.  Having the feeds there seems to slow the loading down maybe a tiny bit, but not terribly bad.  What did you think when you came onto the site… was it slower?  Of course, I have 4 there… hmmm…  I want to check out some more to see if I can figure out how to play around with the widths of my columns more than the modules allow… that\’s definitly a nap or night time activity, though!  Hope your mum-in-law gets off without any problems.  I\’ll check back with you later.

  3. Hi Ann!  So glad to hear the visit is going well.  Who wouldn\’t drool over anything on the Cheesecake Factory menu.  My favorite dish of all time is on that menu – Shrimp Scampi.  Yummmmmmm!! 

  4. Shoot! I wasn\’t done writing!! 
    How cool that your MIL will get to hear the gospel message from your church\’s perspective.  If it speaks to you perhaps it will touch her in a new way.  I was totally surprised this morning when my middle son and his girlfriend called (at 7:00 am!) to say that they wanted to go to church with us.  That was an answer to prayer!
    Anyway, I\’ve missed your posts 🙂 
    Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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