Yawn…waiting for guests….

Here I sit, wishing I could go to bed…. waiting for hubby and kiddo to get home from the airport with Grandma… I opted out to stay home, and I have a feeling Alan wasn’t particularly thrilled with that choice.  It was one of those deals where he didn’t say anything negative, but you can just tell by the look on the face, ya know?  Her plane was delayed, so it’s going to be pretty late.  I am just tired from buzzin’ around all day, and didn’t see the need for us to all go…’cause I  just didn’t want to, mostly.  The house is clean again… I suppose that’s the good side of having company come.  The temperature has dropped drastically here – yesterday it was in the low 50’s, today it was in the 30’s.  It’s been snowing a bit, but not enough to stick.  I am just rambling, I know.  I am sleep-typing, I think.  So, I got groceries, so I at least have food in the house with which to feed my M-i-l.  That’s a step up from normal for me.  Pathetic, I know.  It’s almost midnite…

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  1. My motto?  If they don\’t say something, that don\’t get something! ha!  My husband knows my motto, too… and it gets me in trouble cause he uses it against me! ha! The nephew situation… yuck!… I just absolutely adore children, but ill mannered ones that are not disciplined by an attending parent are that much worse… I probably get angrier with the parent.  The casserole sounds really good… a recipe post may be in order here (whistling and looking innocently into the back of my head…).  Enjoy your Mother-in-laws visit… don\’t run yourself too ragged or she\’ll always expect it like it is normal for you.  I can sympathize with the mutliple Christmases!  Maybe that make sit not such a let down? 🙂

  2. Just checking in to say Hi.  I know how you feel when you say you have to "do stuff" so you feel that you MIL has a good time.  I\’m that way too, but not with my MIL but with my mom.  I always feel so exhusted making sure we are not boring her to death. ~Ladyhawk

  3. So glad that you, Kiki, and Alan had a great Christmas!  I stopped by to wish you a blessed and Happy New Year, 2007!  Hope you have a good visit with your MIL and that you are able to have some relaxation for the rest of your holidays.

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